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  • Using Molecular Interactions 
in Materials Development for Energy Solutions
  • Tuning Chemical Environments in Catalysis for Mechanistic Insights

Spring 2017-2018

030. 204 Chemical Structure and Bonding

Course Description

An introduction to the synthesis, structure, and reactivity of materials and inorganic compounds. Modern approaches to chemical bonding, including molecular orbital, ligand field, and crystal field theories, will be applied to understanding the physical and chemical properties of inorganic materials. Other topics to be discussed include magnetic properties, electronic spectra, magnetic resonance spectra, and reaction kinetics. The integrated laboratory will cover synthetic, measurement, and calculation methods of inorganic chemistry, and include hands-on exposure to state of the art materials research. Students taking the course will become knowledgeable about the content presented in the pre-lectures, the content discussed during class, and the laboratory experiments. Relevant textbook chapters are mentioned for reference only. This course uses active learning strategies and its laboratory component carries the writing-intensive designation.

030.204 Course Syllabus (2018)

030.204 Course Syllabus (2017)

Fall 2016-2018

030.404 Electrochemistry for Energy Conversion and Storage

Course Description

This course will be focused on the fundamentals and applications of electrochemical methods in catalysis, charge transport, and energy conversion and storage. The goal of this course is to introduce fundamentals of electrochemistry in a manner that will allow for practical day-to-day applications in the laboratory. We will discuss how to use electrochemistry as an analytical technique that can be added to your toolbox for understanding chemical reactions as well as the role of electrochemistry in energy conversion and storage. Pre-requisites: 030.204, 030.449, 030.472, or instructor approval for undergraduate students. No pre-requisites for graduate students.

030.204 Course Syllabus (2018) - coming in the Fall!

030.204 Course Syllabus (2017)

030.404 Course Syllabus (2016)

Fall 2017

030.449 Chemistry of Inorganic Compounds

Course Description

This course is an advanced inorganic chemistry class focused on the principles of structure and properties of inorganic compounds. Course topics will include: Molecular Structure and Bonding, Group Theory, Coordination Chemistry, Reactions and Mechanisms, Spectroscopy, as well as introduction to Organometallic Chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Solid State Chemistry, and Electrochemistry.

030.449 Course Syllabus (2017)