Johns Hopkins Gazette: October 3, 1994


Facts about the Hopkins campaign

Goal:  Raise $900 million in private funds to increase
endowment, fund capital projects and support ongoing programs
of the Johns Hopkins Institutions (i.e., The Johns Hopkins
University and The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System).
    Priorities:  The primary aim of The Johns Hopkins
Initiative is to increase substantially the university's
relatively small endowment and to fund pressing construction
and renovation projects for both the university and the
health system. Of the $900 million overall goal, $525 million
is for endowment and capital purposes. The remaining $375
million is for support of current programs, including through
annual giving.
    Duration:  The public phase of the Johns Hopkins
Initiative began on Saturday, Oct. 1. The campaign will
conclude in the year 2000.
    Advance gifts:  The boards of trustees of the university
and the health system authorized the institutions to accept
gifts for the campaign beginning July 1, 1991. Since then,
lead donors have been asked to show their support and
enthusiasm with advance pledges and gifts for endowment and
capital purposes. Advance gifts and pledges totaled $274.6
million, or 30.5 percent of the total goal.
    The two largest advance gifts are a $50 million
challenge for endowment in the School of Arts and Sciences by
the Zanvyl and Isabelle Krieger Fund, and the $20 million
gift announced Friday for the Eisenhower Library from R.
Champlin and Debbie Sheridan.
    Last campaign:  The Campaign for Johns Hopkins was
publicly launched in September 1984 and lasted until February
1990. The campaign raised a record $644 million, 43 percent
more than the original goal of $450 million.
    The Campaign for Johns Hopkins was significantly
different in character, however, from The Johns Hopkins
Initiative. The earlier effort raised $247.5 million, or 38
percent of the total, for endowment and facilities. The Johns
Hopkins Initiative seeks to increase that portion to 58
percent; the emphasis on the university's critical need for
endowment, in particular, makes this a difficult goal to
accomplish. Endowment money is the hardest to raise.
    Goals by unit:  School of Arts and Sciences, $140
million; School of Continuing Studies, $9 million; Eisenhower
Library, $27 million; School of Engineering, $50 million;
Homewood Schools, $8 million; School of Hygiene and Public
Health, $80 million; Johns Hopkins Medicine, $455 million
(School of Medicine, $355 million; hospital and health
system, $100 million); School of Nursing, $19 million;
Peabody Institute, $20 million; School of Advanced
International Studies, $40 million; Nanjing Center, $4
million; academic centers and university-wide needs, $48
    Priority projects:  All divisions of the university seek
substantial gifts of endowment to increase financial aid for
both undergraduate and graduate students, to create endowed
chairs for both young faculty and senior professors, and to
provide seed money for new research projects.
    Priority capital projects include the new comprehensive
Cancer Center at the hospital, new buildings for the School
of Nursing and the School of Hygiene and Public Health,
renovations of the Eisenhower Library and several Engineering
School buildings at the Homewood campus, and student activity
and recreation space at Homewood.

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