Johns Hopkins Gazette: October 17, 1994


Cheers recognizes achievement of consequence among faculty,
staff and students. A separate section records some
promotions and new hires. 
    We welcome contributions submitted in writing
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Honors, awards and appointments

Applied Physics Lab

Senior research engineer John S. Morgan has been selected the
1994-95 Congressional Fellow by the American Physical
Society. Dr. Morgan will serve for a year as a special
legislative assistant in a congressional office of his

Arts and Sciences

Freshman Adriana Izquierdo has been selected by the College
Board as one of six national Advanced Placement Scholars. The
award recognizes Izquierdo's outstanding performance in the
Advanced Placement tests prior to her matriculation at
    Steven Yantis, associate professor in the Department of
Psychology, received the Distinguished Scientific Award for
Early Career Contribution to Psychology at the 102nd annual
convention of the American Psychological Association. Dr.
Yantis was recognized for his contributions to the
understanding of attentional mechanisms in human perception.

Centers and affiliates

John H. White's The American Railroad Freight Car, published
by the Johns Hopkins University Press, received the 1994
Dexter Prize, given by the Society for the History of
Technology, for the best book on the history of technology
published in the previous three years. 
    The Press also recently received four graphics awards,
all of them for book jackets, in the 1994 Art Direction
Creativity Competition. Two went to books designed by Ann
Walston: The Reader's Eye, by Ellen Esrock and Maryland's
Vanishing Lives, by John Sherwood. The other winners were
designed by Glen Burris (Irving Singer, The Pursuit of Love)
and Martha Farlow (The Fables of Avianus, translated by David
Slavitt). All three designers are members of the Press staff.
Continuing Studies

Judith T. Phair, assistant dean for external relations, has
been elected into the Public Relations Society of America's
College of Fellows. Phair is the fifth member and first woman
of the Maryland Chapter to be named a Fellow.


Shaomin Yuan, a doctoral student in the Department of
Geography and Environmental Engineering, received an
Honorable Mention citation for the 1994 Edward S. Deevey
Award for his poster, "Postglacial Migration of a Coastal
Plain River." The Deevey award is given annually by the
Paleoecology Section of the Ecological Society of America.


Assistant Professor in Ophthalmology Gerard A. Lutty has
received an Established Investigator Award from the American
Heart Association. The award provides five years of salary
support and additional funds to assist Dr. Lutty's
investigation of the mechanism of the blockage of blood
vessels in the retina.
    John Money, professor of medical psychology and
professor of pediatrics, emeritus, has been recognized for an
outstanding career and a lifetime of accomplishments in
forensic sexology by the New York Society of Forensic
Sciences. Dr. Money has also been awarded a Royal Society Kan
Tongpo Visiting Professorship at the University of Hong Kong
for the fall of 1994.
    Neurologist Michael A. Williams has been elected to a
three-year term on the American Medical Association's Council
on Scientific Affairs.
    Dorothy L. Gordon, associate dean for graduate programs
and research, was elected to chair the Advisory Board of the
National Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research. The
center is part of the National Institute of Child Health
Development at the National Institutes of Health.
Public Health
    Professor of International Health Timothy Baker will
receive the Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his
long-term contributions to public health at the 122nd annual
meeting of the American Public Health Association on November
    Assistant Professor of Maternal and Child Health
Patricia O'Campo will receive the Young Professional Award
for her work in developing interventions and monitoring
methods for reducing infant mortality.    
    Professor of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology Noel
Rose has been selected as the 1994 Distinguished Medical
Alumnus by SUNY Medical School, Buffalo.
    Lecturer in International Health Irwin Shorr received
the Mid-Career Award from the International Health Section of
the American Public Health Association.  The award recognizes
the promotion and development of primary health care in a
cross-cultural setting.
    Diego Wyszynski, a PhD candidate in epidemiology, has
received the 1994 Student Travel Award from the Latin
American Society of Genetics. 

Changing places, new faces

Thomas M. Brushart, associate professor of orthopedics and
neurology in the School of Medicine, has been appointed chief
of the hand center at the hospital.
    Billy Daye joins Hopkins Lacrosse as the Blue Jays'
newest assistant coach. He will spend much of his time
working with the team's goalies and be active in the
recruiting process.
    James A. Flick Jr. has joined The Dome Corporation as
president and chief executive officer. Lester R. Conley has
joined as vice president of real estate and president and
chief executive officer of Dome Real Estate.

--Compiled by Mike Field

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