Johns Hopkins Gazette: October 24, 1994

Lesbian and Gay Film Festival Being Held at Hopkins, BFF
By Sujata Massey

The 1994 Baltimore Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, which began
last week, continues through Saturday at Hopkins and the
Baltimore Film Forum. The festival is sponsored by the BFF, the
Diverse Sexual and Gender Alliance at Hopkins and the Baltimore
Alternative newspaper. 
    "We are happy that we have opened the festival up to more
voices in the community," said Stephen Kent Jusick, the
festival's curator and a 1992 Hopkins graduate who works in the
film industry in New York City. "This year, we have more programs
telling the stories of women, people of color and youth." Most of
the films to be screened were produced in the last two years,
which have witnessed a blossoming of films about alternative
    Tonight at 8 p.m. in the Bloomberg Center on the Homewood
campus, two 1990s films will present takes on 1970: The Love
Machine and Wrecked For Life: The Trip and Magic of Trocadero
Transfer. Tuesday at 8 p.m. in the Bloomberg Center, a program
titled "Papa Mama Trauma" of six short films about the
relationships between gays and parents will be shown.      
    Another highlight this week is an appearance by festival
guest of honor Isaac Julien, a black British film maker, Friday,
Oct. 28, at 8 p.m. at the BFF at The Baltimore Museum of Art. Two
Julien films will be screened: The Attendant, a stylish fantasy
set after hours in a museum, and the Baltimore premiere of A
Darker Side of Black, which investigates homophobia in rap music. 
       The evening is co-sponsored by Donna's at the BMA.
    On Saturday, Oct. 29, at 2 p.m. in 3 Shaffer, the Baltimore
premiere of the documentary Out: Stories of Lesbian and Gay Youth
will be shown. This screening is co-sponsored by P-FLAG, an
organization for parents and friends of gays.
    Tickets are $6 general admission and $5 for students,
seniors and BFF/BMA members. For information or a free program
guide, which includes maps and detailed listings, call the
Baltimore Film Forum at 889-1993. Advance tickets may be charged
to a credit card by calling 235-0100. 

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