Johns Hopkins Gazette: October 24, 1994

Hopkins Needs You

         This section is provided occasionally as a free
    service for Hopkins researchers seeking volunteers, but
    is published only as space permits. Send items to The
    Gazette, attn. Lynna Bright, 212 Whitehead Hall,
    Homewood campus, or fax items to 516-5251. Boxed ads
    may be purchased. Call the Gazelle Group at 560-7444.

Asthma and Allergy Center Study:  The center is seeking healthy
volunteers ages 18 to 45, with or without a history of allergies,
for a study involving free lung function testing and
bronchoscopy. Subjects will be paid up to $150 upon completion of
the study. For information, call 550-0551.

Fetal assessment study:  Healthy pregnant nonsmokers 20 or older
are needed for a study involving three visits for fetal
monitoring beginning at 24 weeks' gestational age. Participants
will receive $50 upon study completion, plus parking
reimbursement and an ultrasound photo at each visit. Call
Kathleen at 955-8976.

African American diabetes study:  Diabetic individuals otherwise
healthy, ages 30 and over, of black African descent are wanted
for a study involving experimental pills. The study provides free
medication, physicals, EKGs, monitoring of participant's diabetes
and parking/bus tokens. For information, call Mary Lou at

Herpes vaccine study:  People 18 to 55 who are sexually active
and healthy, and who have never had a genital herpes infection,
are wanted for a study involving a herpes vaccine and blood
drawings. Subjects will be reimbursed for their time. There will
be a total of 11 follow-up visits over an 18-month period. For
information, call 550-2607.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder study:  People 18 and older who
have persistent thoughts or who go through annoying rituals may
qualify for a 13- to 18-week study investigating the
effectiveness of two commercially available antidepressant
medications. Stress study:  Individuals 18 to 55 who experience
tension, worry, rapid heartbeat or fatigue may qualify for a
study that includes stress-reduction treatment. PMS study: 
Healthy females 21 to 40 who experience any of the following
symptoms--increased tension, irritability, depression, mood
swings or difficulty concentrating--are wanted for a three-month
study. Free assessment and counseling are provided. Adult
children of alcoholics study: Women 21 to 40 whose fathers are
alcoholics and are themselves social drinkers may qualify for
this three-month study. The identity of the participants will be
kept confidential. Physiology measuring study:  The Anxiety
Disorder Clinic is looking for physically healthy, generally
relaxed individuals to participate in a study measuring eye blink
response during low-decibel noise bursts and nonharmful electric
shocks on two fingertips. The study also involves the IV
injection of either Ketamine (used as an anesthetic in larger
doses) or a saline placebo. The low dosage of Ketamine will not
put the volunteer to sleep. Payment for participation is up to
    For information about any of these research studies, call
Colleen Hayes at 550-5098.

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