Johns Hopkins Gazette: September 26, 1994

Classroom Calendar

Workshops assist supervisors with performance appraisal

To help supervisors and managers meet the new requirement of
conducting yearly performance appraisals, performance
appraisal workshops will be available beginning in October to
all full-time faculty and staff responsible for evaluating
    The workshops will be conducted at the Center for
Training and Education, 2715 North Charles St. Each session
will run from 1 to 4 p.m. 

    Workshop Training Dates
    October                  November 
    Tuesday, Oct. 4          Wednesday, Nov. 9
    Monday, Oct. 10          Thursday, Nov. 10
    Wednesday, Oct. 12       Monday, Nov. 14

    Full-time faculty and staff interested in attending a
session are encouraged to enroll. Registration forms are
available at the Center for Training and Education. For
information, call 516-6800.

Astronautics seminars open to all this fall

"Current Trends in Astronautics," a seminar series addressing
current and future research, technology and ongoing
activities in the field of astronautics, will be given this
fall on Tuesdays from 4 to 5:30 p.m. in Schafler Auditorium
at the Bloomberg Center. All are invited to attend. 
    Speakers will discuss the evolving needs and directions
of astronautics from a government, industry and academic

Applications being accepted for nurse practitioner programs

The School of Nursing is now accepting applications for its
master's and post-master's programs, both of which prepare
nurse practitioners. Both programs have been approved by the
Maryland State Board of Nursing and reviewed by the
appropriate credentialing agency. 
    For additional information about these or other academic
programs at the School of Nursing, contact the Office of
Admissions at 955-7548. (Note: More information about the
school will be added to JHUniverse.)

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