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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University June 12, 2006 | Vol. 35 No. 37
HopkinsOne Set to Go Live on January 1

By Glenn Small

Senior leadership at Johns Hopkins has announced that Jan. 1, 2007, is the new "go-live" date for the HopkinsOne project. On that day, the university and health system will cut over from current systems and begin using the new SAP software system to handle business operations in finance; human resources, including payroll and benefits; purchasing and supply chain; and sponsored research and grants administration.

This new date was proposed only after rigorous planning and was confirmed only after validation of the new plan by outside experts.

Originally targeted to go live in July 2006, the HopkinsOne project began four years ago as an initiative to bring together, where it made sense, the business operations of Johns Hopkins.

For the project to launch successfully, there are a host of difficult and complex activities that need to take place before Jan. 1, including such things as payroll testing, end user acceptance testing, data conversion testing and training.

A critical stop in any of those areas could result in a revision of the schedule.

An integrated system will allow the institutions to provide better service to faculty and staff, to be better positioned for compliance with regulations and, where possible, to capitalize on efficiencies. One example is that the new system will help Johns Hopkins leverage its bargaining power in making the best deals on the purchase of equipment and supplies.

To learn more about the project timeline and next steps, see

To read the announcement about the go-live date from William R. Brody, Ronald Peterson and Edward D. Miller, go to BMP_Message_0606.htm.


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