Johns Hopkins Gazette: May 22, 1995

Editor's Note
     Welcome to the first issue featuring a redesign of "The
Gazette," the university's weekly newspaper. We have changed our
look  to create a more contemporary and readable publication,
showcasing our commitment to provide our readers with excellence
in writing, photography and graphics.

     "The Gazette" has come a long way since it was first
published in September 1971. At that time, the mission was simply
to serve as a repository for official university information the
administration wanted "on the record." No original reporting was
expected or required.

     Today, a small staff, supported by news writers in public
information offices across the university--as well as free-lance
writers, photographers and designers--bring their talents to the
paper as we pursue our primary mission: to keep the faculty,
staff and students of the far-flung Hopkins community informed
about the university. 

     But beyond simply reporting on the university, our goal each
week is to give our readers a glimpse behind the Hopkins
newsmakers, policies, research and scholarship in an effort to
humanize the work--and the workplace--at each of the university's
eight schools and the Applied Physics Laboratory. We strive to 
tell the stories we hope are most interesting and engaging to our
diverse readership.

     We hope you enjoy this and subsequent issues of "The

     Next week begins our summer biweekly publication schedule.
Weekly editions resume Sept. 5.

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