Johns Hopkins Gazette: May 22, 1995

Student Jobs

     The following jobs and services are available to students in
Arts and Sciences and Engineering. A sampling of jobs may be
obtained by calling the Student Job Line at 516-5478. 

     For more information about any of these jobs, visit the
Office of Student Employment, 17 Merryman Hall, lower level, or
call the office at 516-7232. Federal work-study jobs are marked
"fws"; non-federal-work-study jobs are "nfws."

Homewood                 Job #               Type
Other                    039                 fws
Clerical                 068                 fws/nfws
Data Entry               095                 fws/nfws
Other                    250                 fws/nfws

East Baltimore           Job #               Type
Data Entry               372                 fws/nfws
Other                    382                 fws/nfws
Other                    384                 fws/nfws
Clerical                 392                 fws/nfws

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