Johns Hopkins Gazette: May 30, 1995


Med/Surg Association Meeting To 
Focus On Medicine In 21st Century

     More than 800 School of Medicine alumni, including members
of the Class of '32, will return to their alma mater to discuss
medical advances and the future of health care at the Johns
Hopkins Medical and Surgical Association's Biennial Meeting June
8 to 10.

     The meeting is designed to update physicians in the Hopkins
family on the latest advances in their respective specialties.
Department and division directors working on the cutting edge of
patient care, research and education will conduct continuing
education workshops. Hospital and Medical School officials will
also discuss how Hopkins, as an academic medical center, is
adapting to changes in the health care system and is planning for
the 21st century.
     University president William C. Richardson, Hospital and
Health System president James A. Block and dean of the medical
faculty Michael E. Johns will open the meeting with a plenary
session on "Johns Hopkins Medicine--Preparing for the 21st

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