Johns Hopkins Gazette: May 30, 1995

12th Telethon To Raise Funds For Local Kids

     Plans are in the final stages for the 12th annual WMAR-TV
Children's Miracle Network Telethon to air from 9 p.m., Saturday,
June 3, to 6 p.m., Sunday, June 4. All money raised goes to the
Johns Hopkins Children's Center.

     The telethon, airing on NewsChannel 2, caps a yearlong
fund-raising effort and is part of an international event for 181
children's hospitals in the United States, Canada, Mexico,
Australia and Jamaica. 

     "All funds raised locally stay here to help the Children's
Center," said center interim director and pediatrician-in-chief
George Dover. He will be among more than 1,200 volunteers taking
viewer phone pledges during the 21-hour program.

     In 12 years, the telethon has raised more than $13 million
to support such Children's Center programs as Child Life, the
sleep center, a diabetes clinic, a family resource library,
hospice care, a breastfeeding center and a home-based dialysis

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