Johns Hopkins Gazette: April 15, 1996

Milestones: Retirements and Anniversaries

     Staff members who retired or celebrated a five-year
anniversary with the university last month are listed below.
Anyone with a question about the staff recognition program should
call the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs at

Ferrier, James E., 29 years, Plant Operations and Maintenance
Misinger, Paul G., 35 years, Plant Operations and Maintenance
Montgomery, Mary, 10 years, Plant Operations and Maintenance
Timmons, James H., Sr., 30 years, Power Plant
Warns, Mary Pat, 25 years, Facilities Management

25 years of service
Lilly, Joyce Louise, Biology

15 years of service
Bennett, Joan R., Accounts Payable
Christensen, Martha A., MSE Library 
Spangler, Scott, Physics and Astronomy
Whitmore, Anne M., JHU Press

10 years of service
Albright, Dorothy J., Post Office
Michel, Carol Ann, Administrative Computing
O, Yong Sun, Housing
Roush, Kathy L., MSE Library 

5 years of service
Dias, Maria Helen, Montgomery Co. Center
Doane, Susan S., Sponsored Research Office
Macsherry, Anastasia, JHU Press
May, Svetlana, Institute for Policy Studies
Sun, Xiaoli, Electrical Engineering 
Vontran, Patrick E., JHU Press

20 years of service
Egner, Patricia, Environmental Health Sciences
Scheerer, Augusta, JHPIEGO

15 years of service
Dodge, John, Epidemiology 
Grossman, Harriet, Epidemiology 
Kirby, Suzanne, Registrar's Office

10 years of service
Fine, Rachel, Development
Guo, Chuanfa, Health Policy and Management
Nelson, Richard William, Copy Center
Saudek, Susan, JHPIEGO

5 years of service
Godwin, Sharon Rankin, Epidemiology 
Johnson, Myron, Health Policy and Management
Krawiec, Julitta, Mental Hygiene
Majchrzak, Raymond, Epidemiology 
Mullen, Bernadette Anna, Epidemiology 
Peternel, Rosemary, Population Information 

Murchison, Alexander, 12 years, Custodial Services

20 years of service
Miller, Donna, Pediatrics 
Scheydt, Elaine E., Oncology
Soulikas, Evangeline, Student Affairs
Wessel, Kenneth W., Pediatrics 

15 years of service
Adams-Doyle, Sandra M., Denton Cooley Athletic Center
Brothers, Patricia L., Neurosurgery
Norton, Leo Anthony, Denton Cooley Athletic Center
Strozykowsky, Reva Ward, Ophthalmology 

10 years of service
Applegate, Carol Ann, Ophthalmology 
Bishop, Barbara D., Ophthalmology 
Breslin, Charlotte L., Art as Applied to Medicine
Brown, Christine J., Academic Affairs
Bury, Doreen Lee, Molecular Biology and Genetics 
Edwards-Ballard, Lillian, Welch Medical Library
Garrison, Lori, Surgery 
Leppo, Michelle K., Medicine

5 years of service
Bezold, Henry Joseph, Psychiatry
Blunt, Sandra Lynn, Physicians Billing
Buist, Patricia Mary, Medicine
Burtnick, John David, Neurology
Candal, Linda Faye, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Crawford, Catherine B., Student and House Staff Services
Evans, Antoinette, Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Frazier, Chester Robert, Orthopedic Surgery
Imhoff, Joan Marie, OB-GYN
Jones, Vanessa, Medicine
McKenna, Karen A., Oncology 
Scales, Wanda Emma, Radiology 
Smith, Denise Ann, Oncology 
Sutton, Virginia T., Medicine
Teufer, Linda, Medicine
Wesley, Robert J., Neurology
Wiley, Kathleen, Neurology
Zukas, Regina Mae, Custodial Services

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