Johns Hopkins Gazette: April 29, 1996

Employment Opportunities

     The Johns Hopkins University does not discriminate on the
basis of race, color, sex, religion, homosexuality, national or
ethnic origin, age, disability or veteran status in any student
program or activity administered by the university or with regard
to admission or employment.

University Jobs
     University-wide job vacancies are posted on bulletin boards
located at various campus sites, as well as at divisional human
resources offices.
     Positions listed in The Gazette were vacant when submitted
for publication. No assurance is given that any position on the
list will be available at the time this publication reaches the

24-hour Job Lines
     In addition, new job opportunities are recorded daily on
24-hour telephone Job Lines that may be reached by dialing the
following numbers:

Medicine....................  (410)955-2115
Public Health and Nursing...  (410)955-3025
SAIS........................  (202)663-5840


     First floor, Garland Hall
     Charles and 34th Streets
     Baltimore, Md.  21218
     (410) 516-8048

Job posting boards: First floor, Garland Hall; ground floor,
Gilman Hall

Director, Information and 
     Technology Services           45
Head, Preservation                 42
Major Gifts Officer                42
Program Administrator, IPS         42
Sr. Systems Analyst                42
Sr. Programmer/Analyst             41
Instructional Facilitator          41
Operational Auditor                41
Computer Systems Coord.            40
Sr. Budget Analyst                 40
Program Asst. II, SCS              37
Secretary III                      36
Educational Support 
     Services Asst.                36
Security Dispatcher                35


     1830 E. Monument St.
     Baltimore, Md.  21205
     (410) 955-2989

Job posting boards: second floor, 1830 Building; concourse level,
Turner and Traylor; ground floor, WBSB; several locations at JHH

Video Telecommunications Tech.     39
Admin. Secretary (several)         37
Admin. Asst. (several)             38
Research Nurse (licensed)          39
Physician Asst. (certified)        40
Research Program Interviewer       various
Research Program Asst.             various
Programmers/Analysts               various


     2021 E. Monument St.
     Baltimore, Md.  21205
     (410) 955-3006

Job posting boards: lower level, Hygiene Building; lower level,
Hampton House; second floor, 1830 Building

Secretary/Research Data Asst.
     (part-time)                   36
Admin. Secretary                   37
Project Coord., 
     Distance Learning             41
Secretary IV                       37
Programmer, Distance Education     40
Asst. Accounting Manager           41
Secretary III                      36

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