Johns Hopkins Gazette: April 29, 1996

Spring Fair Weekend Shines In Warmth, Sun

     Organizers are calling it the best Hopkins Spring Fair yet.
No rain, lots of sunshine, sold-out concerts and, easily, 150,000

     "Everything exceeded our expectations," said Ross Lieberman,
who with fellow senior Jay Koyner, chaired this year's fair
called "Yodel-Ay-He-Hu, Hopkins Spring Fair '96." "Not only did
the Violent Femmes play to a sold-out Shriver Hall Theater
Thursday night, but the crowd was totally into it. The comedy
night drew a huge crowd, about 600 people, and the vendors have
been telling us they did a great business. Everything just came
together for us this year, the weather being the main thing."

     As in the past, this year's fair drew 250 arts and craft,
food and nonprofit vendors. 

     Additional underwriting came from national companies like
Papa John's Pizza, Snapple, Clarion Hotels, Samuel Adams and
local businesses like Sam's Bagels and PJ's Pub. Their
participation allowed organizers to add more bands, raise the
quality of beer in the Beer Garden and bring to the fair other
attractions like hot air balloon rides, a petting zoo and
Friday's comedy night, featuring HBO Comedy Hour regular Jake

     But this year's enormous success also had much to do with
the people who worked the fair, Lieberman said. The crew of
student volunteers was both  motivated and fun.

     "They really gave it their all," he said. "Once they took on
their individual responsibilities, Jay and I didn't need to worry
about it. They made our job pretty easy from that standpoint."

     It's been an exhausting few weeks. Monday after the fair,
Lieberman couldn't get out of bed. 

     "I've never been so tired in all my life," he said. "I
thought I'd never be able to move again." 

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