Johns Hopkins Gazette: June 10, 1996

In Brief

HR moves location for open office hours

Open office hours for Audrey Smith, vice president for human resources, have had to be moved to a new location.

Until further notice, Smith will see any university employee from 1 to 4 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month at her office in Room 617N of the Wyman Park Building. No appointment is necessary.

The next session of open office hours is Wednesday, June 19.

Previous office hours were held at Nichols House, which is undergoing renovations this summer.

Senior managers discuss leadership at Hopkins

More than 200 senior administrators from across the university gathered last week to discuss ways to improve their management skills to better serve the university, the faculty, students and the community.

The focus of the first Administrative Leadership Conference, held on the Mt. Washington campus of USF&G, was what makes for good leadership in the Hopkins environment. Speakers and participants shared their views on the complexity of achieving university-wide initiatives within the Hopkins culture of decentralization and faculty and departmental entrepreneurship.

"It is our job to put ourselves in the shoes of faculty, deans, department chairs and staff to better understand their needs, drives and motivations," said Eugene Sunshine, senior vice president for administration, who coordinated the conference along with Richard Kilburg, senior director of the Office of Human Services. "If we are helpful at staying in front of budget and administrative issues, we have a better chance of achieving our common goals."

Several panelists presented case studies from their divisions or schools to highlight their particular issues and the management processes applied to address them. Derek Savage, one of the university's legal counselors, offered an update on employee-related issues. And Art Heigl, director of Administrative Computing, discussed several ongoing projects to improve the university's information systems, including an enhanced networking system to upgrade the electronic infrastructure and the development of a Web site with a searchable university-wide electronic personnel directory.

Participants spent the afternoon in break-out sessions on topics ranging from valuing differences in the workplace to techniques for handling conflict.

MEDLINE now available on the World Wide Web

Desktop access to the MEDLINE database is now available to any researcher with access to the World Wide Web, using advanced user interfaces and search technology developed for the Human Genome Project.

This state-of-the-art version of MEDLINE, offered through Community of Science Inc., offers cost-effective search capabilities to all users at subscribing organizations across a common platform--the World Wide Web.

For more information, call Louisa Hopkins, Edwin Van Dusen or Charlie Wise, at (410) 563-5382, or send an e-mail message to Or, you can visit MEDLINE on the Community of Science homepage at

Eisenhower Library schedules power outage

On Saturday, June 15, the electricity in the library will be shut off from 7 until 11 a.m. The library will open at noon. The outage is necessary to perform high-voltage preventive maintenance work.

A $4.6 million renovation project of the library began in March and is expected to be complete by August 1997. It is the first major renovation of the 185,000-square-foot library on the university's Homewood campus. The library was built in 1964, when the university was far smaller and libraries were strictly paper-based, not electronic repositories of information.

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