Johns Hopkins Gazette: June 23 1997

For The Record:
Milestones, Retirements
and Anniversaries

Staff members who retired or celebrated a five-year anniversary with the university during May are listed below.

For information, call the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs at 410-516-6060.

Academic Cultural Centers

10 years of service
Taylor, Martha Mae, JHPIEGO

5 years of service
Covelly, Shawn, Institute for Academic Advancement of Youth
Packer, Arnold H., Institute for Policy Studies
Wang, Xueying, Nat'l Foreign Language Center

Arts and Sciences

25 years of service
Skalski, Pamela M., Sociology

15 years of service
Kerner, Nancy R., Office of the Dean

10 years of service
Hall, Joanne, Biology

5 years of service
Song, Yan, Biology

Continuing Studies

5 years of service
Dickey, Martha, Marketing Communication
Glassburn, Michelle B., Columbia Center
Wojeck, Thomas, Information Technology


10 years of service
Lamberti, Janet, Materials Science and Engineering

Homewood Student Affairs

25 years of service
Fogle, Barbara Carol, International Visa Services

5 years of service
Choe, Chae C., Housing
Martin, Edward B., Housing
Roberts, Lenora, Housing
Yim, Robert, Housing

Hygiene and Public Health

25 years of service
Starkey, Rosemary C., International Health

15 years of service
Richards, Thomas M., Health Policy and Management

10 years of service
Prince, Dana N., Health Policy and Management

5 years of service
Coleson-Schreur, Laura, Epidemiology
Hadley, Jeffrey, Health Policy and Management
Huffman, Robert, Epidemiology
Simon, David, Epidemiology

Johns Hopkins Press

20 years of service
Harris, Wendy, Acquisitions


Dawson, Robert R., 27 years, Art as Applied to Medicine
DonDero, Mark J., 16 years, Maintenance, Asthma and Allergy Center, Bayview

25 years of service
Lea, Donna M., Medicine

20 years of service
Basener, Ronald, Human Resources
Espinas, Bernadita, Physicians Billing
Gallant-Britton, Lydia T., Medical Alumni Affairs
Miller, Pamela, Dermatology
Smith, Pamela M., Neuroscience
Winston, Kevin Deneal, Purchasing

15 years of service
Miller, Lynda J., Clinical Immunology
Pessaro, Mildred S., Clinical Immunology
Reese, Rhonda Lynn, Medicine

10 years of service
Allison, W. Jeffrey, Psychiatry
Ashby, Allen Henderson, Medicine
Bohan, Eileen, Neurosurgery
Cosgriff, Rosalie, Medicine
Doremus, Gale Ann, Molecular Pharmacology
Greaver, Monica M., Cell Biology and Anatomy
Lopes, Sheila G., Medicine
Mason, Freda, Oncology Center
McCaskill, Martha W., Psychiatry
Mooney, Maria Lourdes, Surgery

5 years of service
Aman, Terry, Psychiatry
Anthony, Helen Elizabeth, Ophthalmology
Bacon, Judith, Medicine
Butta, Jeanne, Pediatrics
Constantoulakis, Marsha, Medicine
Fuller, Gregory Thomas, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Gibson, Charlene, Medicine
Hackley, Mary C., Safety and Environmental Health
Johnson, James E., Clinical Pharmacology
Shimanek, Debra A., Immunology
Summerfield, Gloria, Physicians Billing
Williams, David, Maintenance


20 years of service
Goodwin, Anita L., Financial Aid

University Administration

30 years of service
McKinney, Roy R., Johns Hopkins Post Office

20 years of service
Layton, Mary A., Administrative Computing

15 years of service
Miller, Jean, Telecommunication Services
Stafford, John R., Power Plant

10 years of service
Aaron, Nicole M., Research Accounting
Flower, Karen V., Office of the Treasurer
Hoy, William Richard, Jr., Printing Services
Wallace, Gloria, The Johns Hopkins Club

5 years of service
Cruse, Joseph N., Security Services
Danish, Natalie, Central Purchasing

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