Johns Hopkins Gazette: February 21, 1995

Tuition Boost OK'd by Board

     The board of trustees has voted to raise the university's
benchmark tuition by 5.1 percent next year, to $19,750.
     The board voted at its February meeting to hike tuition for
full-time undergraduates in Arts and Sciences and Engineering by
$950, from the current figure of $18,800. It will be the third
straight year of tuition increases around 5 percent, after
increases as recently as five years ago that ranged above 7
     Universities are prohibited by antitrust law from exchanging
advance information on future tuition and fees. But Hopkins'
tuition has in recent years been slightly below the median among
schools with which the university competes for students, Provost
Joseph Cooper said.
     The $19,750 Homewood undergraduate tuition rate will also
apply to a number of other categories of students, including
full-time graduate students in Arts and Sciences and Engineering,
doctoral students at SAIS, doctoral and some master's degree
students at Nursing and at Public Health, and Ph.D. students in
Medicine. First-year M.D. candidates will pay the university's
highest full-time tuition, $21,800, an increase of 6.3 percent.
Medical students pay the same tuition each of their four years at
     Tuition increases in other full-time programs range from 5
percent, to $19,425, for master's degree candidates at SAIS, to
7.1 percent, to $15,000, for undergraduates and some master's
degree candidates in Nursing.
     Tuition for part-time Continuing Studies master's degree
courses in liberal arts and education in Washington, D.C., will
hold steady at $315 a credit hour. The largest percentage
increase in part-time tuition is 9.1 percent, to $1,195 a course,
for master's-level courses in science in Arts and Sciences.

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