Johns Hopkins Gazette: February 21, 1995

Survey to Determine Awareness, Use of Flex Time

     In an effort to better understand what employees know about
the university's policy on so-called flex time, the Provost's
Committee on the Status of Women will conduct a telephone survey
the weeks of Feb. 27 and March 6. 
     Telephone calls will be made to a random sample of
approximately 250 employees from all university schools and
divisions (except the Applied Physics Laboratory, which has its
own flex-time policy). Their responses to a series of questions,
which should take no more than 20 minutes, will provide
information about their work schedule, work location and whether
they, their employees or their supervisors are working outside
the office or at off-hours to accommodate non-business-related
     "The goal of the survey is to take a snapshot of the issue
of flex time and flexible work locations to determine if people
know that there is a policy in place," said Regina Frank,
director of administrative services at Peabody Preparatory and
chair of the subcommittee conducting the survey. "We have heard
stories of the policy being implemented here and there, but we
really have no idea if employees are taking advantage of it.
That's what we hope to find out."
     Frank said the survey participants and their responses will
be held in strict confidence.
     The Provost's committee has taken on this project, Frank
said, because the human resources literature suggests that women
are more likely than men to have a need for flex time.
     "We may be losing good employees because they do not know
that they have flexibility in their schedules and work sites if
they have special needs, such as caring for children or aging
parents," said Provost Joseph Cooper.
     Frank said that the data will be collected and turned over
to Human Resources for analysis. Results are expected to be
released in May.

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