Johns Hopkins Gazette: January 17, 1995

Search Committee Named to Replace William C. Richardson

     The chairman of the university's board of trustees is
appointing a 19-member committee to conduct a national and
international search for a "world-class" leader to serve as 12th
president of Johns Hopkins.
     Chairman Morris W. Offit, after a meeting of the board's
executive committee last week, said it will "probably take a good
five or six months" to choose William C. Richardson's successor.
     He said there is a strong likelihood the board will appoint
an interim president to serve after Dr. Richardson's departure
this summer.
     Dr. Richardson, president for the past five years, announced
last month that he will take a new post as president and chief
executive officer of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation on Aug. 1. While
he deeply regrets leaving Hopkins, he said the opportunity to
lead the nation's second-largest foundation--and one that shares
his interests in such areas as health care delivery and
education--was simply impossible to resist.
     Offit said he will chair the selection committee, with
assistance from two trustee vice chairs, Michael R. Bloomberg and
Lenox D. Baker.
     Faculty on the committee will be Frances Ferguson, professor
of English, and Leon Gordis, an associate dean of the School of
Medicine and a professor of pediatrics there and of epidemiology
in the School of Public Health.
     Douglas A. Fellman '84, president of the Johns Hopkins
Alumni Association and a trustee, and three students--a full-time
undergraduate, a full-time graduate student and a part-time
student--also will serve on the committee. 
     The remaining members of the committee are all trustees (see
list, below).
     Offit--who also chaired the search that brought Dr.
Richardson to Hopkins--said he put together a balanced committee,
composed of members with a broad understanding of the university
as well as knowledge of a specific school or other interest.
     "This is a world-class university. We'll be looking for a
world-class talent," Offit told the Baltimore Sun. "We'll find
someone whose scholarship is respected by the faculty, who has
enormous interpersonal capabilities, the ability to work with
people, to bring ... faculty and staff along the path of
     He said the ability to build relationships, both inside and
outside Johns Hopkins, is essential in a president, especially
one who will lead the university during the bulk of the $900
million Johns Hopkins Initiative.

Presidential Search Committee

Morris W. Offit, BA'57, chair of the board of trustees

Vice chairs: 

Lenox D. Baker, BA'63 MD'66, trustee; 

Michael R. Bloomberg, BES'64, vice chair of the board of trustees
     and chair of The Johns Hopkins Initiative

Alexis Bakos, Ph.D. student, Nursing

Andrew J. Bozzelli, BE'53, trustee

George L. Bunting Jr., trustee

Constance R. Caplan, MA'78, trustee

William J. Crawford, freshman, Home-wood schools

Marlene David, MLA student, Continuing Studies

Douglas A. Fellman, BA'84, trustee, president of the Johns  
Hopkins Alumni Association

Frances Ferguson, professor of English

Leon Gordis, associate dean of the School of Medicine, professor 
     of pediatrics and epidemiology

Robert D.H. Harvey, BS'53, trustee

Stuart S. Janney III, trustee

Judy C. Lewent, trustee

Walter D. Pinkard Jr., trustee

Mark E. Rubenstein, BES'62, trustee 

Frank Savage, MA'64, trustee

R. Champlin Sheridan Jr., BS'52, vice chair of the board of 
     trustees and vice chair of The Johns Hopkins Initiative

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