Johns Hopkins Gazette: January 17, 1995

Faculty, Staff Receive King Awards for Community Service--
Chosen From 34 Nominees, Recipients Honored at January 17 Event

Benjamin S. Carson Sr. 
Pediatric Neurosurgery,
School of Medicine

     Benjamin S. Carson Sr. is committed to helping others
realize their potential. Each year, he addresses thousands of
students from elementary to college level to share his philosophy
for success. Despite his demanding schedule, he often takes the
time to provide one-on-one counseling to students who need extra
guidance. By sharing his personal story from his childhood in
Detroit to his success as a surgeon, Dr. Carson serves as an
inspiration for young people to achieve both academic and moral

Lenora R. Davis
Master of Public Health Program,
School of Hygiene and Public Health

     Lenora R. Davis is devoted to understanding and preventing
domestic violence and hunger. As a counselor at the Family Crisis
Center, Davis helps to provide a safe environment for people in
immediate need of care and shelter, while working with entire
families to understand the causes of and solutions to violent
behavior. During her tenure at the Maryland Food Committee, her
work has focused more broadly on ending hunger and improving
nutrition statewide.  

Catherine P. Felter
Administrative Assistant and Supervisor,
Department of Ophthalmology, 
School of Medicine

     Catherine P. Felter envisions a more just and peaceful
world. Her work with the American Friends Service Committee, a
national Quaker social action organization, is directed toward
this vision. Locally, she institutes adult education classes;
sets up workshops on diversity, nonviolence and conflict
resolution; and teaches methods of communication and negotiation.
On a regional level, she has been involved in many programs
designed to strengthen the community and to reach out to youth. 

Lawrence A. Gomer
Group Facilitator, 
Program for Alcoholism and Other Drug Dependencies, 
Johns Hopkins Hospital

      Lawrence A. Gomer selflessly offers his expertise to
volunteer at Christopher's Place, where he leads discussion
groups that help residents with their addiction problems. These
groups are so successful that Gomer has been asked to expand his
sessions, often at his own expense. Even after they leave the
East Baltimore shelter, many former residents continue to attend
the groups Gomer leads. His personal, unique approach to the
problems of addiction helps a very needy and often neglected
population--the homeless.

Nannie B. Jones
Nursing Unit Clerk,
Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics,
Johns Hopkins Hospital

     Nannie B. Jones is a caring individual who volunteers at
Epiphany House, where she has helped to create a program for the
elderly or disabled in Govans. Her multifaceted work involves
both direct contact with residents and administrative support of
facility programs. In addition to her administrative
responsibilities, Jones helps with meals, is a companion to those
who have no family members, provides holiday baskets with
personalized gifts and often fills in for other volunteers.

M. Patricia Fern ndez Kelly
Associate Professor of Sociology, 
School of Arts and Sciences

     M. Patricia Fern ndez Kelly opens her home and her heart to
at-risk children through her belief in co-parenthood, an
arrangement by which middle class families provide support to
at-risk youth in cooperation with their parents. Working actively
to find ways of improving inner-city schools and stimulating
cooperative ties between middle-class sponsors and impoverished
inner-city families, Dr. Fern ndez Kelly believes that this
program exposes children to opportunities they would not normally
have in their everyday lives. 

William D. Milliken
Central Services, 
Outpatient Center

     William D. Milliken is a modest individual who has not only
saved lives directly but has also worked to prevent disasters in
the 15 years he has served as a volunteer firefighter in the Anne
Arundel County Fire Department.  The door-to-door campaign he
mounted to educate people in his district about fire safety has
had a definite impact. In the 1,035 homes that he and his team
visited, 350 smoke detectors were installed and 400 batteries

Lewis E. Myrick
Management Information Systems, 
University Administration

     Lewis E. Myrick is a private man who, through his work at
the Samaritan Community and the Patrick Allison House, has used
his computer expertise to help marginalized individuals develop
the skills they need to re-enter the job field. Myrick is also a
newsletter and fundraising volunteer for the Health Education and
Resource Organization (HERO), which is an AIDS service
organization; the Chase-Brexton Clinic; the National Gay and
Lesbian Task Force; and many church-related projects.

Kenneth A. Shaw
Shift Supervisor, 
Johns Hopkins Hospital

     Kenneth A. Shaw believes in sharing his love of music, and
so he has helped to organize the Mt. Royal String Orchestra,
which gives inner-city children the opportunity to learn about
classical music. When he learned that the '94 school budget
provided no support for the orchestra, he organized fund-raising
activities. Thanks to his efforts, the orchestra's size has
doubled, and its young members have received citywide recognition
for their performances at the Festival on the Hill and Beth Am

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