Johns Hopkins Gazette: March 13, 1995

Fire Emergency Procedures Issued for the University

     The Office of Safety and Environmental Health (OSEH) issues
the following guidelines for the safety of the JHU community
during fire emergencies:

Preparation for an Emergency

1.   Familiarize yourself with the location of all stairways,
fire exits and fire alarm pull stations in the buildings you

2.   Ensure doors, especially those to stairways, are not propped
open. They must remain closed and latched at all times to prevent
smoke and fire from entering escape routes.

3.   Do not plan to use elevators during a fire emergency.

In the Event of an Emergency
1.   Activate the building fire alarm system and call the local
emergency phone number:

Homewood Campus               911
East Baltimore                5-4444
Allergy and Asthma Center     0-2424

2.   Evacuate the building via the nearest accessible exit
immediately after the fire alarm sounds.

3.   Assemble away from the building or in a predesignated area
and help account for all persons in your dorm, classroom, lab,
office, department, etc.

4.   Provide reasonable assistance to those in need.

     Fire extinguishers are to be operated only by persons who
have been trained and designated by OSEH.
     Persons who are disabled and may need assistance should
register with the Office of Safety and Environmental Health for
disability-specific instructions. The information regarding these
procedures will be furnished to the Security Office for
additional pre-emergency planning.

     For more information, contact OSEH at 955-5918 or the
Homewood Safety Office at 516-8798.

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