Johns Hopkins Gazette: January 2, 1996


Journal issue dedicated to HUT researchers

     Astronomers working on the Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope
project have earned a rare distinction. An entire issue of the
Astrophysical Journal Letters  has been dedicated to research
findings from HUT.

     Only four times before has the prestigious publication
dedicated an issue to one instrument. The HUT issue, published
Nov. 20, was unusual in that, although it was exclusively HUT, it
included research on a diverse spectrum of findings, from planets
to quasars.

     HUT was one of three instruments on NASA's Astro-2
observatory, which flew aboard the space shuttle Endeavour in
March 1995. The observatory orbited Earth for 17 days, making it
the longest space shuttle mission in history.

     The scientific papers, the first peer-reviewed publications
on HUT findings, focused on everything from our own solar system,
to a star in the act of self-destructing, distant galaxies that
possibly harbor black holes and other cosmic wonders.

     HUT's exciting discoveries can be found at a glance by
logging onto the HUT homepage. The Internet address is
. The page offers information
for both the scientist and the novice. 

Town meeting on Johns Hopkins Medicine scheduled

     Interim President Daniel Nathans and the Office of Johns
Hopkins Medicine have invited all faculty and senior staff at the
Medical Institutions to attend a town meeting to review the
progress of Johns Hopkins Medicine.

     The meeting will be held Wednesday, Jan. 3 at 5 p.m. in Hurd

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