Johns Hopkins Gazette: January 2, 1996

In Quotes...

"The more you look at things, the more you see that it's not
     Neurobiologist Solomon Snyder, in the Dec. 26 New York
Times, on the viability of research that transfers from mice to
man complex behaviors.

"I believe this is what he was doing for a living." 
     Peabody campus security chief Don Pfouts, in the Dec. 13
News and Observer (Raleigh, N.C.), on the activities of Joseph
Bland, the man apprehended for slashing valuable maps and
illustrations from rare books at Peabody and other universities
around the country.

"If it goes badly, it will hurt him." 
     Michael Mandelbaum, foreign policy expert at the Nitze
School of Advanced International Studies and one of candidate
Bill Clinton's foreign policy advisers during the 1992
presidential campaign, in the Dec. 15 USA Today, on President
Clinton's decision to send troops to Bosnia.

"Would anyone care to celebrate the 'Castilian invasion of the
Bahamas'? Yet this phrasing is a lot closer to what happened on
Oct. 12, 1492, than "the discovery of America." 
     Anthropologist Michel-Rolph Trouillot, in the Dec. 15
Chronicle of Higher Education, on the long-term power wielded by
historians when they name historical events.

"For me the body can say more than words ... [it] can express
everything that exists, everything that is." 
     Peabody's visiting choreographer, Roudolf Kharatian, in the
Dec. 13 Baltimore Sun, on why he thinks ballet is the most
beautiful art form.

"It was a life changing experience." 
     Former Institute for Policy Studies economics researcher
Paul Lande in the Dec. 15 Baltimore Jewish Times, on his 1967
trip to Israel, which led to his opening a Judaica store in
Baltimore after leaving the institute in July.

"His unique contribution [to the medical school] was to bring
appreciation of the humanities above and beyond the usual in East
     Former School of Medicine dean Thomas B. Turner, in the Dec.
17 Baltimore Sun, on one of the important contributions made by
George Udvarhelyi, a former Hopkins neurosurgeon and the driving
force behind the JHMI Office of Cultural Affairs.

"Speed kills, and more speed kills more." 
     Susan Baker, School of Public Health epidemiologist at the
Center for Injury Prevention, in the Dec. 18 U.S. News & World
Report, on the effect of raising the speed limit on certain

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