Johns Hopkins Gazette: January 2, 1996

Woodworth Retires After 26 Years at Hopkins

     Ellery B. Woodworth, special assistant to the president of
the university and director of its Office of Federal Relations,
retired on Dec. 31 after 26 and a half years at the university.

     Woodworth served as a senior aide and adviser to five
Hopkins presidents.

     "Woody has been a tireless advocate for Johns Hopkins and  
for higher education," said Daniel Nathans, interim president.
"He has my deepest thanks and the thanks of many friends at
Hopkins, throughout the higher education community, and in the
federal and state governments where he represented us for so many

     Woodworth, who earned his bachelor's degree from Harvard
University in 1954 and his master of education there in 1960,
joined Hopkins in 1969 as vice president for development. He
became special assistant to the president in 1971 and represented
the university in both Washington and Annapolis until 1990, when
a growing volume of work resulted in the creation of a separate
office for state government relations. 

     Many people in the Hopkins community know Woodworth by his
avocation. Since 1980, he has served as musical director and
conductor of the Hopkins Festival Band, playing at Hopkins
commencements and other academic ceremonies.

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