Johns Hopkins Gazette: August 7, 1995

The End of the Road

     Nearly 1,200 participants ended the six-day, 300-mile Cycle
Across Maryland bicycle race by pedaling onto the Homewood campus
Saturday, July 29. With triumphant waves to their cheering
families, Center for Talented Youth students and Hopkins
volunteers, riders ended the trans-state ride, which began in
Oakland, Md., and took them through mountains and rural
countrysides during the region's record-breaking heat wave.

     Besides the hundreds of cyclists on single, multispeed
bikes, there were those who rode tandem bikes, and there was even
a crew on a three-seater. Some made the journey on low-riding
recumbent bikes, which were fun, riders said, but tended to go
down steep hills at terrifying, out-of-control speeds.

     While a Caribbean band played on the athletic field, and
hamburgers cooked on grills, riders swapped stories about their
adventures. The festivities wrapped up around 2 p.m. with an
award ceremony.

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