Johns Hopkins Gazette: August 21, 1995

Milestones: Retirements and Anniversaries

     Staff members who retired or celebrated a five-year
anniversary with the university last month are listed below. For
information, call the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree
Programs at (410)516-6060.

Goellner, Jack G., 33 years, JHU Press
Scott, Robert H., 41 years, Athletic Center
Warns, Edward W., 22 years, Plant Operations & Maintenance

35 years of service
Hall, Philip H., Chemistry 

30 years of service
Baughan, Sharon L., Career Services

25 years of service
Heigl, Arthur, Administrative Computing
Johnston, Lorraine, Mgmt. Information Systems
Joyner, Elva V., Office of the Registrar
Miller, Bettye M., Auxiliary Enterprises

20 years of service
Padgett, Terry, JHPIEGO

15 years of service
Conner, Paulin, Office of V.P. for Business Affairs
Harden, Jeanette, George Peabody Library

10 years of service
Brewster, David Glen, Chemistry 
Cocchiaro, James, Chemical Propulsion Information Agency
Kidwell, Eugene A., Jr., Security
Kvech, Penny, Annual Fund 
Lansing, John W., Mgmt. Information Systems
Levine, Ghita, News & Information
Martin, Elpidio G., Plant Operations & Maintenance
Somerville, Delores V., Biology 

5 years of service
Boan, Silvia M., Payroll
Covelly, Neal E., JHU Post Office
Decker, Mary A., Sociology 
Greene, Dana, Housing
Harrington, William B., Hopkins Union 
Holley, Bernadette, Plant Operations & Maintenance
Johnson, Carol D., Plant Operations & Maintenance
Libowitz, Steve, The Gazette
Lucas, Gazellia R., Administrative Computing
Mavris, Janet Gail, Johns Hopkins Development Fund
Meitzler, Erin M., JHU Press
Paxton, Jan L., Dean's Office, Arts & Sciences
Powell, Jack L., Office of the Treasurer
Puyear, Kristine, Part-Time Programs in Engineering
Randall, Torin A., Plant Operations & Maintenance
Rubb, Susan R., SCS,Business Information Services
Sturdivant, Willie, Plant Operations & Maintenance
Townes, Katie, Plant Operations & Maintenance
Weese, Holly A., Office of the President

Hygiene and Public Health
Miecznikoski, Reba A., 20 years, Epidemiology

15 years of service
Nowakowski, Deborah, Epidemiology
Riddick, Alfred Daniel, Plant Manager's Office 
White, Denise A., Health Policy & Management

5 years of service
Brophy, Katharine Ann, Financial Management
Bundra, Deborah, Population Communication Services
Dalbelo, Vesna, Plant Planning and Operations
Deneen, Pamela D., Epidemiology 
Francis, Opal Y., Population Information
Stewart, Cassandra, Epidemiology 
Thompson, Michael, Master of Public Health Programs
Ward, Lisa A., Epidemiology 
Williams, Deborah V., Population Communication

Ford, Peggy J., 39 years, Biological Chemistry
Jones, Bondella, 21 years, Clinical Pharmacology
Tepper, Byron, 20 years, Safety & Environmental Health

45 years of service
Petterson, Marjorie, Welch Medical Library

35 years of service
Chapman, Janet, Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences
Trader, Frances, Pediatrics 

30 years of service
Bull, Evelyn, Pediatrics 

25 years of service
Bujnovszky, Piroska, Urology

20 years of service
Hutchison, Judy Lynn, Pediatrics
Smith, Barbara A. Fox, Continuing Education

15 years of service
Halvorsen, Marcella T., Human Resources
Little, Cynthia, Medical Practice Plan 
Tubinis, Shawne C., Neurosurgery

10 years of service
Allen, Antonette C. P., Oncology
Glezen, Louise A., Psychiatry
Mabry, Robbie F., Oncology Center 
Minitor, Donna Marie, Maintenance & Operations
Pettway, Kathy Renee, Medical Practice Plan 
Welsh, Melinda L., Clinical Immunology

5 years of service
Buie, Susie Elba, Medicine
Davidson, Leda Phyllis, Ophthalmology 
Derevjanik, Nancy Lee, Ophthalmology 
Earnhart, Ruth W., Oncology Clinic
Fowler, Sabrina, Medicine
Harrison, Janet L., Physicians Billing Service
Jedlicka, Anne Elizabeth, Anesthesiology & 
     Critical Care Medicine
Kerman, Jonathan, Ophthalmology 
Lay, Gary Patrick, Medicine
Meehan, John P., Physiology
Offenbacker, Debbie, Radiology 
Polvinale, Nancy L., Surgery 
Souder, Johanna Clay, Psychiatry
Sutt, Karen Ann, Ophthalmology 
Watters, Leslie, Oncology Center 
Wu, Ying, Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine

10 years of service
Herlihy, Mary F., Admissions

25 years of service
Williamson, James L., Financial Services

20 years of service
Pollack, Elizabeth K., Concert Office

5 years of service
Carr, Darryl E., Ensembles Conservatory

10 years of service
Calvano, Patricia F., International Economics
Simmons, Paula C., Public Affairs

5 years of service
Howton, Lucy V., Public Affairs/Dean's Office
Mastromarino, Nicole M., Language Center

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