Johns Hopkins Gazette: September 18, 1995


Hopkins Medicine 
Begins To Work

     Johns Hopkins Medicine officially started work this month
with inaugural meetings of both the board of Johns Hopkins
Medicine and the Office of Johns Hopkins Medicine.

     The new governing structure was developed by the trustees of
the health system and the university to ensure that these
distinct but independent corporations respond to the health care
marketplace in an integrated way. 

     Critical first issues for Johns Hopkins Medicine include
decisions about what separate functions should be brought
together under the office, as well as a review of various health
care delivery strategies, said interim university president
Daniel Nathans, who chairs the Office of Johns Hopkins Medicine.

     Weekly meetings of the office now bring together key members
of the administration from the School of Medicine and the
hospital/health system, as well as four department directors.

     Joining Nathans, School of Medicine dean Michael E. Johns,
hospital/health system president James A. Block, health system
executive vice president Ronald R. Peterson, and Johns Hopkins
HealthCare chairman and CEO John D. Stobo are Edward J. Benz Jr.,
Osler Professor and director of Medicine; John L. Cameron,
Blalock Professor of Surgery and director of the Section of
Surgical Sciences; Thomas J. Kelly Jr., professor and director of
Molecular Biology and Genetics; and Paul R. McHugh, Henry Phipps
Professor and director of Psychiatry.

     The board of Johns Hopkins Medicine appointed Benz for a
three-year term, Cameron and Kelly for two-year terms and McHugh
for one year. Subsequent appointments of director members will be
for a term of three years. An executive committee of the Office
of Johns Hopkins Medicine includes Nathans, Block and Johns.

     Chairman of the board of Johns Hopkins Medicine is George L.
Bunting Jr., who also serves as chairman of the Johns Hopkins
Health System/Hospital board of trustees. Others on the Johns
Hopkins Medicine board include university board chairman Morris
W. Offit and university trustees C. Michael Armstrong, Lenox D.
Baker Jr., Michael R. Bloomberg and Shale D. Stiller, and health
system/hospital trustees H. Furlong Baldwin, A.B. Krongard, Diana
G. Motz and Donald J. Shepard. 
     The university president is an ex-officio, non-voting member
of the Johns Hopkins Medicine board. Secretary to the board of
Johns Hopkins Medicine is Toby A. Gordon, vice president for
planning and marketing of the health system and hospital.

Henderson honored at 
Public Health workshop

     Donald A. Henderson, former dean of the School of Public
Health, had a conference room dedicated in his name last week
during the Advances in Family Health Communication Workshop,
sponsored by the school's Center for Communication Programs.

     Henderson, also former deputy assistant secretary and senior
science adviser in the U.S. Department of Health and Human
Services, is well-known for directing the World Health
Organization's successful campaign to eradicate smallpox and for
his advocacy of preventive medicine.

     Health communicators from Bangladesh, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya,
India, Indonesia, Nepal, Puerto Rico, Nigeria, Turkey and
Zimbabwe are taking part in the four-week workshop, which is
looking at methods of health communication that are succeeding in
improving family health care practices in various parts of the
world. The CCP works with countries' national, regional and local
television, radio and health communicators to fashion and
broadcast its family planning and reproductive health messages. 

     At the conference room dedication, Henderson recalled how
CCP director Phyllis Piotrow told him that she wanted to promote
a song about sexual responsibility in Mexico. "I was very
skeptical," he said, "but the song turned out to be a big hit and
stayed at the top of the charts for months.

APL kicks off its 1995 
United Way campaign

     Nearly 200 APL staffers, family members and friends
organized themselves into 26 teams and took part in a wide range
of public service projects as part of the university division's
"Day of Caring," which predated APL's official United Way
Campaign kick-off on Sept. 7.

     Marva Heier, of the Fleet Systems Department, organized
tours for dozens of staff members who visited United Way
agencies, including Grassroots, Sarah's House, Boys' Home Society
and Hope Lodge.

     "Personal involvement is the best way for people to see what
their contributions accomplish," said APL campaign chairman Dan
Peletier, of the Fleet Systems Department. 

Hopkins Shuttle service 
announces changes 

     The JHMI shuttle will now pick up and discharge passengers
on the south side of McElderry Street between Wolfe and
Washington streets. This change will remain in effect until
construction in the area is completed.
     The Homewood-bound shuttle stop at Penn Station will now
stop on the east side of N. Charles Street, south of the
crosswalk at the main entrance.

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