Johns Hopkins Gazette: September 18, 1995

A Mentor of all Seasons

     Members of the Black Graduate Student Association had what
they consider an appropriate welcoming gift for incoming black
students of the Class of 1999: a mentoring program designed to
focus on enhancing the freshmen's time management and study
skills while offering someone to talk to and interact with on a
one-to-one basis.

     BGSA members held their first reception for about 30
freshmen on Wednesday, Sept 13, in the Garrett Room of Homewood's
Milton S. Eisenhower Library.

     "I think they enjoyed it and were pleased that anyone cared
about them even before they arrived," said BGSA co-chair Celeste
Jamison McDaniels.

     Fifteen mentors discussed tips for studying and ways
students could get along during their first year at Hopkins.

     "We stressed the importance of their first-year GPA, so they
should work to keep that up," McDaniels said. "And they told us
that they expect us to be there for them. So, our goal is to get
done whatever they request--even if it means telling them
something can't be done--in two days."

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