Johns Hopkins Gazette: September 18, 1995

Milestones: Retirements and Anniversaries

     Staff members who retired or celebrated a five-year
anniversary with the university last month are listed below.
Anyone with a question about the staff recognition program,
should call the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs at

     Biddinger, Jean K., 11 years, IPS
     Reisig, Catherine A., 15 years, Benefits  Admin.

30 years of service
     Dyer, Juanita J., Office of Vice President, Development &
Alumni Relations

25 years of service
     Lauer, Mary Kathryn, Dean's Office/A&S

20 years of service
     Nardi, Julia V., Business Management Office
     Schnydman, Jerome D., Alumni Relations
     Welk, Wilbert L., Jr., Plant Op. & Maintenance

15 years of service
     D'Anjou-Ligoran, Mario, Purchasing
     Pickett, Lorri A., Chemical Propulsion Information Agency
     Quaster, Fred W., Jr., Plant Op. & Maintenance
     Reisig, Catherine Ann, Benefits Admin.

10 years of service
     Goodyear, James, Academic Advising
     Ryan, Nancy Louise, The Writing Seminars
     Schwienteck, Joyce L., Facilities Mgmt.
     Smith, Teresa Lynn, Benefits Administration

5 years of service
     Attaway, Sharon L., Dean's Office/SCS
     Burg, Richard I., Physics & Astronomy
     Corson, Thomas A., Student Health Clinic
     Davies, Tristan, Dean's Office/A&S
     Gannaway, Mary T., Chemical Propulsion Info.
     Hageman, Christopher L., Development Fund
     Jones, Angela, Chemistry
     Landers, Denise, Federal Relations
     McDade, Christina L., Student Financial Services
     Mitchell, Edward H., Dean's Office/SCS
     Myers, Paul N., Chemical Propulsion Info.
     Prusakowski, Nancy A., MSE Library
     Sallee, Walter T., Security
     Wetzelberger, Dale A., Internal Audits & Management Services
     Wilson, Angela R., Administration Computing
     Wornom, Weslie F., Volunteer Services

Hygiene and Public Health
15 years of service
     Sullivan, Nowella, Epidemiology
     Colvin, Charles E., Federal Credit Union

10 years of service
     German, Patricia, Research Subjects
     Howard, Stephen Warren, Public Affairs

5 years of service
     Drummond-Fitzge, Ben, Maternal and Child Health
     Jato, Miriam Ngwang, Population Communication Services
     Laeyendecker, Oliver B., Immunology & Infectious Diseases
     Nettles-Smith, Zina L., Epidemiology

     Walston, Phyllis, 30 years, Medicine

20 years of service
     Haskins, Kenneth, Custodial Services
     Rineer, Robert, Residence Operations

15 years of service
     Frank, Terry, Medicine
     Lucas, Donna Pastor, Medicine
     Malone, Della Marlene, Medicine
     Pennington, Teresa Lynn, Biophysics
     Schneider, Barbara L., Oncology
     Watkins, Barbara Anita, Welch Medical Library
     Williams, Verndetta, Physicians Billing Service

10 years of service
     Alfriend, L. Hunter, Neurology
     Anderson, Judy Kaye, Pediatrics
     Clark, Lillie, Surgery
     Harrison, Grace D., Clinical Immunology
     Hasenauer, Deborah, Neurology
     Herring, Charles Mark, Ophthalmology
     Jones, Mary Louise, Medicine
     Kurant, Linda Ann, Cell Biology & Anatomy
     Niroda, Margaret, Medicine
     Norris, Leaola M., Residence Operations
     Pillas, Diana J., Neurology
     Sherrod, Clarice, Physicians Billing Service

5 years of service
     Barlow, Wendy Lynn, Physicians Billing Service
     Catoy-Joseph, Lolita, Physicians Billing Service
     Cosner, Susan, Neurology
     Crusan, Christine T., Oncology Center Services
     Davis, Christopher T., Neurosurgery
     Eldred, Lois, Medicine
     Gill, Brenda Joyce, Medicine
     Goldsborough, Maura, Surgery
     Hase, David James, Medical Practice Plan
     Kluge, Kimberley Anne, Oncology
     Layton, Beth Ann, Welch Medical Library
     Morrison, Ann, Neurology
     Reynolds, Richard R., Maintenance
     Sapp, Joseph Robert III, Welch Medical Library
     Southall, Judith, Ophthalmology
     Trattner, James M., Safety/Radiation Control

5 years of service
     Rose, Melinda M., Development

5 years of service
     Chiappini, Gabriella, The Bologna Center
     Paoli, Flora, International Economics
     Thomas, Corinne I.A., American Foreign Policy

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