Johns Hopkins Gazette: September 25, 1995

WJHU-Radio Program Notes

     The Marc Steiner Show airs five days a week, from noon to 2
p.m., and features a different guest or topic in each hour.
Guests and topics are subject to change.

     Scheduled for this week:

Monday, Sept. 25
     Noon--to be announced
     1 p.m.--to be announced

Tuesday, Sept. 26
     Noon--Baltimore Stallions owner Jim Spiros;
     1 p.m.--Bebe Moore Campbell, author of Brothers and Sisters.

Wednesday, Sept. 27
     Noon--Gregory Kane, new columnist at The Sun;
     1 p.m.--Anthony Marschione, new Baltimore County schools

Thursday, Sept. 28
     Noon--A debate on the religious liberties amendment;
     1 p.m.--Ben Fong-Torres, author of The Rice Room: Growing Up
Chinese American From Number Two Son to Rock 'n' Roll.

Friday, Sept. 29
     Noon--The radio docudrama "Free at Last," a documentary
history of slavery, freedom and  the Civil War;
     1 p.m.--A discussion with the editors of "Free at Last."

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