Johns Hopkins Gazette: August 5, 1996

Hopkins Online:
A guide to useful
and interesting sites
on the World Wide
Web for members of
the Johns Hopkins

Like to stargaze? There are many interesting Web sites for gazing up at the cosmos without having to leave your computer.

The Krieger School of Arts & Sciences' Henry A. Rowland Department of Physics and Astronomy has a galaxy's worth of sites for the astronomy buff. Point your browser to and visit their rooftop observatory. Or point&click on department projects, such as the Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope.

A fun site is the Astronomy Picture of the Day. Point your browser to to see dazzling images of the universe along with a brief explanation by a professional astronomer.

An excellent stargazing site can be found at Maintained by The Planetary Society, it contains lots of links to image sites, including NASA, The Smithsonian Institution, and Viking and Explorer missions. The Web site also gives browsers the chance to search for images by coordinates and wavelengths.

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