Johns Hopkins Gazette: July 22, 1996

For The Record:
Retirements and

Staff members who retired or celebrated a five-year anniversary with the university during June are listed below. Anyone with a question about the staff recognition should call the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs at (410)516- 6060.


Colman, Catherine I., 30 years, Athletic Center
Regula, Dorothy, 26 years, Biology
Smith, Thomas J., 15 years, Plant Operations and Maintenance

35 years of service
Green, William T., Psychology

20 years of service
Camp, Pamela, Johns Hopkins Club
Morgan, Julia Boublitz, Office of the Vice President & Secretary

15 years of service
Caserta, Richard J., Academic Computing
Edwards, Linda Pizanis, Design & Publications
Galambos, Margaret A., JHU Press
Roach, Iran L., Plant Operations and Maintenance
Seraphine, Janet L., History
Warren, Douglas R., Development

10 years of service
Beck, Maureen A., MSE Library
Bishop, William F., JHU Press
Bowling, Gustave W., Facilities Management
Cunningham, Arlene, SCS/Division of Liberal Arts
Hoffer, David L., CTY
Kachinski, Jr., Joseph L., Chemistry
Legrand, Lorraine, Plant Operations and Maintenance
McAree, Thomas J., Security
Pearman, Debra, Office of the Dean of Engineering
Roberts, Janis Elaine, Office of the Provost
Walker, Mary F., Academic Computing

5 years of service
Carter, Mark C., Security
Conklin, Daniel, Housing
Cooke, Brian, SCS/Information Technology
Davidson, Sandra C., SCS/Information Technology
Gilden, Michele Lewis, Cost Analysis
Mayock, Benjamin J., Microcomputing Services
Olson, Linda S., Sociology
Paver, Judith Dain, CSOS
Pinnix, Gwendolyn M., Facilities Management
Reiss, Timothy C., Microcomputing Services

Hygiene and Public Health

20 years of service
Hamilton, Marycarole, Academic Computing

10 years of service
Chiarito, Zoila Pilar, Population Communication
Roth, Shelby J., Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

5 years of service
Barbour, Gene M., Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
D'Adamo, Margaret A., Population Communication
Horton, Barber Ann, Population Communication
Kiragu-Gikonyo, Karungari, Population Communication
MacLeod, Kathleen M., International Health
Shaw, Richard, Custodial Services


Brownson, M. Anne, 25 years, Medicine
Meinhardt, Victor, 37 years, Physiology
Ragsdale, Willie N., 30 years, Radiology

35 years of service
Buchanan, Julia, Radiology

25 years of service
Dixon, Susan M., Pediatrics
Reda, Wilma J., Psychiatry

20 years of service
Kays, David Lee, Ophthalmology
Swift, Nellie J., Student and House Staff Services

15 years of service
Lichtenberg, Dawn, Surgery
McGovern, Geralyn, Psychiatry
McLaughlin, Diane, Welch Medical Library

10 years of service
Amberger, Joanna Strayer, Medicine
Brooks, Barry T., Surgery
Chamness, Shelly Lynn, Urology
Nemec, Donna, Oncology
Powell, Joseph Richard, Laboratory Animal Medicine
Thornton, Patricia Joanne, Orthopedic Surgery

5 years of service
Alexander, Suzanne B., Ophthalmology
Boone, Michael Leon, Neurology
Boswell, Donald M., Human Resources
Brashears, Lisa A., Neurology
Carella, Anthony V., Medicine
Goodman, Carole R., Ophthalmology
Green, Candy, Development Services
Hampton, Richard A., Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences
Holland, Debra, Oncology Center
Jackson, Catherine, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Linton, Monique A., Physicians Billing
Morgan, Nancy K., Greenspring Station
Schleicher, Timothy N., Neurology


15 years of service
Aragno, Hannelore, Bologna Center

10 years of service
Lloyd, Patricia Y., Development

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