Johns Hopkins Gazette: July 22, 1996

For The Record:
Four Faculty Rise To
Rank Of Professor

One faculty member from Arts and Sciences and three from Medicine have been promoted to the rank of professor.

The executive committee of the board of trustees, at its June meeting, promoted Robert Rynasiewicz of the Philosophy Department, effective July 1. Also promoted, retroactive to June 1, were David S. Cooper of the Department of Medicine, Justin C. McArthur of the Neurology Department and Christopher A. Ross of the Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Department.

Rynasiewicz, who joined the faculty in 1986, specializes in the philosophy of science and particularly in the philosophy of physics and its history. He has investigated issues ranging from the structure and interpretation of scientific theories to the idea of the universality of the laws of nature. He also studies issues in the foundations of space and time.

Cooper, a member of the faculty since 1985, is director of endocrinology and associate physician-in-chief at Sinai Hospital and director of the Thyroid Clinic at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He is one of the world's leading experts on antithyroid drug pharmacology and, since 1987, has been one of seven editors who decide what is published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

McArthur, a faculty member since 1990, is an authority on the many neurological complications of HIV infection and, in particular, AIDS dementia. His publication of research begun during his residency at Hopkins defines the spectrum of neurological disease seen in AIDS patients and is considered a classic. McArthur has won several School of Medicine teaching awards.

Ross, on the faculty since 1987, concentrates on the molecular biology of psychiatric disorders. He directs a research group of Huntington's disease, focusing on the neurobiology and genetics of neurodegeneratic diseases. In particular, he studies genes with trinucleotide repeats, whose expansions cause a new class of genetic disorder.

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