Johns Hopkins Gazette: July 22, 1996

TWA Crash Claims
Two From Hopkins

Hopkins alumni Pamela Crandell, a first-grade schoolteacher, and composer David Hogan were among the victims of last week's crash of TWA flight 800.

Crandell, 29, was a 1996 graduate of the Master of Arts in Teaching program in the School of Continuing Studies Division of Education. She had just completed her first year at South Shore Elementary School in Crowns-ville, Md., and was on her way to Europe to meet her fianc‚, Lt. Joseph Brenner, a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy stationed in Spain.

"She was just wonderful," said MAT program director Linda Poole. "She came into our program and did a phenomenal job. When people saw her teach, they said, 'She's a natural.' And she was. A large part of me has this tremendous sense of loss for all the children who will never have her as a teacher."

Hogan, 47, graduated from Peabody with a bachelor's degree in 1971 and a master's in voice in 1975. A composer, organist and choir director, the Virginia native was very interested in passing along his musical knowledge to young people. The father of a teenage daughter, he helped found the Walden School for Young Composers, a summer program in New Hamphshire.

"In the world's eyes, he was starting to become successful," Peabody graduate Pamela Quist told The Sun last week. "Hoagie hummed or whistled his way through life. Music seeped out of every pore."

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