Johns Hopkins Gazette: August 18, 1997

For the Record:

Academic Cultural Centers

5 years of service
Kantor, David, Institute for Policy Studies
Privalov, Darejan, MSE Library

Arts and Sciences

25 years of service
Campbell, Charles H., Biology

10 years of service
Franke, Elke K., Part-Time Graduate Program
Hall, Virginia Green, History of Art
Rodgers, Michael E., Biology

5 years of service
Arking, Albert, Earth and Planetary Sciences
Carra, John H., Biology
Lasaga-Flister, Maggie, CSOS

Continuing Studies

15 years of service
Gabor, Stanley C., Office of the Dean

5 years of service
Howatt, Renee J., Washington, D.C. Center


25 years of service
Hopper, Linda, Business Office

10 years of service
Hasty, Sharon L., Chemical Propulsion Information Agency

5 years of service
Filliben, Jeff Demetrius, Chemical Propulsion
Information Agency

Homewood Student Affairs

15 years of service
O'Toole, Thomas B., Homewood Computing
Stein, Patricia Lynn, Student Health and Wellness Center

10 years of service
Rodgers, Kevin A., Student Accounts
Taylor, John L., Housing Office

5 years of service
DeVito, E. Jean, Auxiliary Enterprises
Mond, Michael, Counseling and Student Development
Raley, Betsy L., Office of the Registrar

Hygiene and Public Health

Prendergast, Kathleen, 22 years, Office of Research Subjects

20 years of service
Clark, Rebecca D., Health Policy and Management

15 years of service
Colbert, Ethel T., Institute for International Programs

10 years of service
Gibbins, Ann W., Population Communication
Levitas, Estelle M., Epidemiology
Yarber, Frances M., International Health

5 years of service
Banks-Young, Sabina, Epidemiology
Foreman, Robert Kenneth, Population Communication
Keen, Barbara, International Health
Lange, Henry Peter, Epidemiology
Patrick, Denise, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
Rudy, Sharon K., Population Communication
Solomon-Norin, Stacey, American Journal of Epidemiology

Johns Hopkins Press

35 years of service
Simmons, Sampson, Shipping and Receiving

10 years of service
Hubbard, Carlotta, Journals

5 years of service
Schmidt, Sam Joseph, Acquisitions


Conner, Howard Andrew, 12 years, Biomedical Engineering
Kotrosa, Trudi F., 30 years, Psychiatry
Skaist, Arleen S., 32 years, Biophysics
Terry, Edward S., 23 years, Lilienfeld Library

35 years of service
McCauley, Albert M., Biological Chemistry

25 years of service
Vinson, John C., Residence Operations

20 years of service
Hubbard, Nancy, Medical Practice Plan
Martin, Christine, Surgery
Molander, Sharon Kane, Laboratory Animal Medicine

15 years of service
Jensen, Joyce C., Oncology
Pinn, Michael Leroy, Neurosurgery
Welling, Sharon A., Ophthalmology

10 years of service
Alwood, Karla S., Medicine
Bailey, Carlos G., Welch Medical Library
Baldwin-Grasso, Meghan M., Oncology
Blackburn, Sharon N., Pathology
Case, Barbara W., Pediatrics
Dangerfield, Althea L., Medicine
Ellis, Mary C., Physicians Billing
Fowler, Lauren, Pediatrics
Hughes, Lorraine, Oncology Center Services
Kahl, Jr., Robert Jacob, Pathology
Kellner, Elizabeth L., Oncology Center Services
McCabe, Christopher John, Fund for JH Medicine
Paparounis, Milicent L., Medicine
Plunkett, Beverly Ann, Oncology
Rosemary, Elaine M., Student Services
Slunt, Hilda Hough, Pathology
Talbot, C. Conover, Genome Database
Taylor, Kimberly Ann, Mail Services
Terry, John, Athletic Center
Will, Catherine L., Academic Affairs

5 years of service
Andrews, Herbert, Facilities Management
Banks, Deborah L., Medicine
Chapman, Linda, Biomedical Information Sciences
Cydylo, Laureen, Physicians Billing
Esquela, Aurora, Molecular Biology and Genetics
Freedman, Joan, Student Services
Gatto, Gertrude M., Gynecology and Obstetrics
Graf, Mary Louise, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Hajahmadi, Farhad, Welch Medical Library
Jones, II, Lawrence, Pediatric Cardiology
Kitaguchi, David G., Genome Database
Kolasny, Anthony, Biomedical Engineering
Latronico, Diane M., Oncology
Marschke, Penny L., Urology
McNairn, Denise, Medicine
Nichols, Edith R., Public Affairs
Nulf, Erin Patricia, Orthopedic Surgery
Ratay, Philip J., Laboratory Animal Medicine
Sheffield, Cynthia L., Welch Medical Library
Sprankle, Barbara Betz, Joint Committee for
Clinical Investigation
Thompson, Coraleeze L., History of Medicine
Vishio, Krista, Affective Disorders
Wilson, John D., Oncology Center Services


5 years of service
Bacevich, Andrew J., Foreign Policy Institute
High, Susan J., Bologna Center
Sears, Stephen A., Library Services
Tully, Kindra, Nanjing Center

University Administration

McEvoy, Donald J., 24 years, Human Resources
Robinson, Mary Ellen, 18 years, Special Events

50 years of service
Hargrow, Minnie, Office of the President

25 years of service
Bruce, Prizgar, Plant Operations and Maintenance

20 years of service
Henderson, Charles L., Lock Shop
Widomski, Melvin John, Facilities Management

15 years of service
Krozack, Joan McGowan, JHU Federal Credit Union
McLaughlin, Sue, Development and Alumni Relations

10 years of service
Cole, Nancy Jean, Development Research
Colliflower, Eric T., Management Information
Dorsey, Sheri, The Johns Hopkins Club
Kale, Nathan Scott, Office of the Controller
McLean, Charles A., Plant Operations and Maintenance
Rose, Nancy J., Central Purchasing

5 years of service
Bond, Susan Whitmarsh, Office of the Provost
DeMoss, Joan Ann, JHU Federal Credit Union
Dieper, Susanne Barbara, American Institute
for Contemporary German Studies
Mullen, Ronald J., Security
Paye Mose, Melisa L., Annual Fund
Reese, Katherine Ann, Office of President Emeritus

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