Johns Hopkins Gazette: August 18, 1997

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JHPIEGO hosts new reproductive health Web site

ReproLine, a new reproductive health Web site, provides information on contraceptive methods and other reproductive health topics. Highlights on contraceptive advances supplement easy-to-use information on contraceptive methods already available. Users will also find information on other reproductive health services that can be integrated with family planning and components of care (e.g., infection prevention) required for high-quality service. Some documents are available in French, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian.

Designed for use by health care providers, trainers and policymakers, ReproLine offers need-to-know information as well as graphics that can be used in developing presentations. Model service delivery guidelines can be used in combination with this content to help in policy formation.

ReproLine also includes works from other organizations working in reproductive health and family planning. Any organization interested in submitting information for possible inclusion in ReproLine can contact Elizabeth Oliveras, JHPIEGO Corp., by calling 410-614-3552 or by e-mail at

JHPIEGO, the host of ReproLine, has its own Web site, which focuses on training. The site, at, provides articles on the development of training systems and new approaches to training while also describing JHPIEGO's approach to and work in reproductive health training. The Virtual Seminar Review Series, a feature of the site, contains leading-edge articles and presentations on the ways in which information technology is shaping higher education globally. The site is of particular interest to anyone designing or improving a training system.

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