Johns Hopkins Gazette: July 21, 1997

For The Record:

Staff members who retired or celebrated a five-year anniversary with the university during June are listed below. For information, call the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs at 410-516-6060.

Academic Cultural

10 years of service
DiStefano, Judith, Mind/Brain Institute

5 years of service
Hudspeth, Lauren, JHPIEGO
Lacoste, Maryjane Moloney, JHPIEGO
Lane, John William, Mind/Brain Institute
Rallo, Jennifer A., MSE Library

Arts and Sciences

Stoller, Evelyn V., 29 years, Political Science

5 years of service
Paulson, Jill S., Development

Continuing Studies

Kahler, Beverly L., 25 years, Student Services

10 years of service
Heggan, Jon P., Administrative Services


5 years of service
Steck, Thomas F., Electrical Engineering

Homewood Student

10 years of service
Mohr, H. Carol, Housing

5 years of service
Arrindell, Nicholas, International Visa Services
Beckman, Barbara A., Office of Executive Director, Academic Services

Hygiene and Public

20 years of service
Sklar, Eileen Bonnie, International Health

10 years of service
Lettenmaier, Cheryl, Population Communication Services
Whittaker, Malcolm D., Plant Manager's Office/Maintenance

5 years of service
Clark-Smith, Wanda A., International Health
Crago-Spangler, Crista L., Audio-Visual Services
Masters, Beth, Epidemiology
McCoskrie, Marsha S., Population Communication Services
Shuron, Adrienne, Population Communication Services
Wildey, Dina, Epidemiology

Johns Hopkins

15 years of service
Mitzel, Irene May, Customer Service

5 years of service
Armstead, Stacey L., Information Systems
Bowser, James Kevin, Information Systems


Gegorek, Theresa H., 16 years, Pediatrics
Lawrence, Betty Y., 46 years, Pediatrics
Leppard, Elmo, 17 years, Laboratory Animal Medicine (May 1997)
Scott, Joe, 12 years, Laboratory Animal Medicine (April 1997)

40 years of service
Lee, Elva F., Medicine

30 years of service
Angevine, Frances E., Clinical Immunology
Bright, Linda B., History of Medicine
Walter, Judy L., Academic Affairs

25 years of service
Maciejczyk, Edna, Oncology-Radiological Sciences
Paznekas, William A., Genetics

20 years of service
Kowalczyk, Halina B., Orthopedic Surgery
Long, Kathleen, Office of the Dean
Mayeski, Theresa, Biological Chemistry
Pinkney, Sylvia E., Radiology
Wilson, Kathleen T., Ophthalmology

15 years of service
Hebden, Bonnie, Clinical Immunology
Martin, Zenaida O., Ophthalmology
Whitfield, Michele J., Orthopedic Surgery

10 years of service
Aleszczyk, Cynthia Maria, Behavioral Pharmacology
Collevecchio, Elizabeth, Neurosurgery
Cooke, Sara Keagle, Immunology
DiBlasio, Robert Rocco, Facilities Management
Eby, Yolanda Jadwiga, Molecular Biology and Genetics
Garrett, Diane, Medicine
Heaggans, Sarah Yvonne, Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences
Kemp, Veronica, Pediatrics
Malak, Irena, Medicine
Pease, Mary Ellen, Ophthalmology
Shock, Susan M., Medicine
Stankiewicz, Darleen, Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences
Steuernagle, Karen Ann, Facilities Management
Tracey, Rick Marshall, Pathology
Williams, Mary L., Clinical Pharmacology

5 years of service
Amey, Dorothy H., Orthopedic Surgery
Armero, Rodney S., Psychiatry
Blanchard, Levelle, Medicine
Brandes, Michael, Psychiatry
Brown, Sharron V., Medical Practice Plan
Criley, Stuart Ross, Urology
Dean, Mary Lisa, Office of the Dean
Durham, James Edward, Pathology
Ennis, Diana-Lee Michelle, Medicine
Hexter, Robin A., Physiology
Holcomb, Jennifer M., Oncology Center Services
Hux, Lisa Renee, Continuing Medical Education
Jerram, Matthew, Psychiatry
Kane, James J., Ophthalmology
Kent, Karen E., Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Lee, Linda Grace, Medical Practice Plan
Moran, Sheila, Neurology
Morin, Cynthia Diane, Oncology
Price, Scott Allan, Facilities Management
Smith, Stacia, Urology
St. Clair, Levonne, Neurology
Staniewicz, Eleanor H., Medical Practice Plan
Twilley, Wendy Ann, Surgery
Williams, Matthew T., Medicine


5 years of service
Evans, Robert H., Development
Fitch, James A., Library Services


40 years of service
Green, Sidney, Plant Operations and Maintenance

20 years of service
Wilt, Gregory R., Office of the President

15 years of service
Hayes, Kathleen Marie, Accounts Payable

10 years of service
Clark, Michelle A., Central Purchasing
Hamm, Patricia A., Administrative Computing
Paschall, Megeen L., Plant Operations and Maintenance
Schubert, Gregory C., Plant Operations and Maintenance
Wiley, Brenda, The Johns Hopkins Club

5 years of service
Bright, Anita Lynna, The Gazette

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