Johns Hopkins Gazette: September 8, 1997

"Web Guide To
The Academic Year"

The Gazette's on-line
guide to university
Each year The Gazette runs pages of graphs and charts and policies and calendars and lists, all in an effort to help the newcomers to the university community and resituate the veterans.

This year, however, we've decided to direct your attention to the incredible resources of JHUniverse and Infonet. The university and medical campus Web sites offer far more information than these mere 12 pages could possibly hold. Thus, the first annual Gazette Web Guide to the Academic Year. We have omitted the http:// prefix to Web site addresses because Web browsers, like Netscape, typically include it automatically; however, if you cannot connect to a Web site, try entering the full address.

If you do not have access to the Internet, let us know, and we will get you a copy of the pages.

The Homepage

The site is the starting point for an enormous amount of Hopkins-related information. And if you can't find something, the search function will surely find it for you.

Emergency Phone Numbers

About Hopkins

Here's where you will find sites for everything from emergency telephone numbers and faculty and staff directories to things to do at JHU and information about Mr. Hopkins and the institutions he founded.


Homewood academic calendars:

The School of Medicine's very detailed calendar

The university's holiday schedule:

These calendars may not be as current as they will be as the semester moves along.

Security and Policy Information

The site includes daily security reports and crime prevention safety tips.

Homewood-JHMI shuttle schedule

Homewood Security Escort Service

Policy on university closings

Homewood campus parking and traffic regulations


Milton S. Eisenhower Library, Homewood campus

Library hours

William H. Welch Medical Library, JHMI

Library hours

Arthur Friedheim Library, Peabody Institute

Library hours

Sports Schedules

Johns Hopkins Athletics

Fall varsity athletic schedule

The President

As President William R. Brody begins his second year at the helm of the university, his Web site is growing. Of particular interest might be transcripts of various talks and speeches he has given during the past year. His Web site can be found at

Students can find out when they can stop by his office for a visit by pointing to
(Fall hours were not yet posted at press time.)

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