Johns Hopkins Gazette: September 8, 1997

Moving In

There was a lot of activity on the Homewood campus during Labor Day weekend, as the more than 500 members of the Orientation Committee worked hard to ensure that each of the 965 freshmen of the Class of 2001 had a successful beginning to the four-year odyssey that awaits them.

Dorado Kinney (left), assistant director of orientation, puts Gene Horgis on the right path.

President William R. Brody, on inline skates, greets Barbara Silverstone.

In the AMRs, freshmen pick up dorm information, paperwork and a bunch of free stuff to help get them going.

Two members of the 500-strong Orientation Committee take a breather during the long day of toting hundreds of boxes and bags into the freshman dorms.

Pierre Chavez (left) and Chris Weston discuss orders at the residence hall carpet sale command table.

No, freshman Harnish Chawla did not hit the craps table as part of some new financial aid practice. It was all for fun at Casino Night, at which play money was the currency of exchange.

Mathan Shanmugham (left) has one final heart-to-heart with his dad.

(Left to right) Kenny Whang, Jimmy Fim and Kevin Sintumuang negotiate the sweet mysteries of their new life at the freshman crab feast.

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