Johns Hopkins Gazette: September 8, 1997

The Odyssey Begins

Moving in: More than 500
volunteer upperclassmen
lighten the load for
incoming freshmen.

Leslie Rice
News and Information

On the Homewood campus, the day the freshman class arrives is probably the most exciting of the year. This year was no different when the 965 members of the Class of 2001 arrived over Labor Day weekend to unpack for Hopkins' 122nd academic year.

As usual, moving-in day was a spectacle. By 8 a.m., Saturday, Aug. 30, a milelong assembly line of cars and minivans wrapped around University Parkway down Charles Street and wound its way onto the Homewood campus. As the cars rolled into the freshman quadrangle, 500 volunteer upperclassmen armed with laundry carts descended upon each car in groups of six and quickly did all the unpacking to the wonderment of delighted parents.

Over the ensuing days of orientation, freshmen became acquainted with the campus and the city. The week included crab feasts, cleanups in local neighborhoods like Hampden, Charles Village and Waverly, trips to Baltimore hotspots like the Visionary Art Museum and Bohager's Bar and Grill, and countless seminars and group events to get the freshmen pumped up for their first year of college.

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