Johns Hopkins Gazette: September 15, 1997

For The Record:
Retirements and

Staff members who retired or celebrated a five-year anniversary with the university during August are listed below. For information, call the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs at 410-516-6060.

Academic Cultural

10 years of service
Bivens, Barbara E., Milton S. Eisenhower Library
Holtzman, Allan H., Milton S. Eisenhower Library

5 years of service
Barnow, Burt S., Institute for Policy Studies
Blackburn, Carol C., Institute for the Academic Advancement of Youth
Kramer, Paula E., Montgomery County Center
Miller, Mary Jane, MSE Library
Walker, Shawn T., JHPIEGO

Arts and Sciences

15 years of service
Conard, Steven J., Physics and Astronomy
Diamond, Marcus M., Development

10 years of service
Ciambruschini, Olivia, Philosophy
Luebbe, Barbara M., CSOS
Sauer, Dorothy Conklyn, CSOS

5 years of service
Nicholas, Rachel P., CSOS

Continuing Studies

25 years of service
Lampkin, Sharon C., Special Education

5 years of service
Cooper, Lucy, Non-Credit Technology
Guest, Miriam P., Information Technology


30 years of service
Youmans, Clark W., Chemical Propulsion Information Agency

10 years of service
Dalrymple, Candice V., Office of the Dean

Homewood Student

20 years of service
Porter, Mary Ellen, Office of the Dean

10 years of service
Howard, Cheryl Lee, Sponsored Research
Sheppard, Dorothy, Residential Life

5 years of service
Bates, John, Office of the Registrar
Brown, Mark-Jay, Dormitory Office Operations
Caine, Bonnie V., Dormitory Office Operations
David, Laurence B., Counseling and Student Development
Gallagher, Jane E., Office of the Registrar

Hygiene and Public

25 years of service
Davis, Lenora, Master of Public Health Program

15 years of service
Crum-Freeman, Jewel, Health Policy and Management
Hou, William Y., Maternal and Child Health

10 years of service
Archambault, Judith A., Financial Management

5 years of service
Allgire, Robert Lee, JHU Federal Credit Union
McDonnell, Karen Ann, Health Policy and Management
Shore, Andrew Daniel, Health Policy and Management

Johns Hopkins Press

10 years of service
Dorai-Berry, Tara M., Journals Advertising

5 years of service
Sapp-Jones, Sonia Denise, Customer Service


Mattheu, Madeline, 10 years, Clinical Immunology

30 years of service
Cady, Pamela E., Pathology
Sturgill, Margaret H., Radiology

25 years of service
Kail, Beverly A., Student Services

20 years of service
Dimarcantonio, Lynn, Surgery
White, Christine H., Office of the Dean
Yacoub, Nagat F., Sponsored Projects

15 years of service
Bright, Emilie, Oncology
Guercio, Mary Clare, Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences
Phillips, Deborah Ann, Ophthalmology
Watkinson, Linda Carol, Medicine
Winston, Renee, Physicians Billing Service

10 years of service
Bennett, Dolores, Neurosurgery
Boling, Francette, Continuing Education
Clayman, Barbara Robin, Infectious Diseases
Geiman, Deborah Ellen, Medicine
Harper-Hunt, Doris I., Orthopaedic Surgery
Hill, Eric Scott, Maintenance
Huynh, Khanh Giang-Chau, Medicine
Murchison, Michael L., Custodial Services
Preston, Frank, Custodial Services
VanKempen, Deborah, Laboratory Animal Medicine

5 years of service
Baker, Dorcas C., Medicine
Borchardt, Sue E., Genome Database
Brown, Donna, Clinical Pharmacology
Bull, Deborah A., Pediatrics
Carter, Kathryn M., Neurology
Carter, Laurenda, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Cooper, Perry D., Safety and Environmental Health
Derr, Dwight J., Medicine
Esch, Marie G., Welch Medical Library
Flanagan, Elizabeth, Immunology
Gross, Rachel C., Psychiatry
Hill, Coleman G., Neurology
Howard, Roslynn Anita, Medicine
Hyson, Miriam H., Surgery
Jones, Mitzi C., Radiology
Miller, Kathryn M., Pediatrics
Minick, Lisa A., Oncology
O'Laughlin, Denise R., Surgery
Potocki, Margaret Julia, Ophthalmology
Ragsdale, Steven K., Pediatrics
Robertson, Angela Denise, Biological Chemistry
Roig, Carmen M., Medicine
Sampson, Theodore, Welch Medical Library
Stumpf, Martin J., Radiology
Tilotta, Sarah A., Oncology Center
Wang, William, Psychiatry
Womack, Samuel R., Psychiatry


5 years of service
Roary, Mary Christinan, Center for Nursing Research


25 years of service
Kennedy, Patricia D., Financial Services

20 years of service
Hudak, Gregory B., Piano Maintenance

5 years of service
Nelson, Elizabeth F., Music Library


Famularo, Sabiha, 31 years, Library (July 1997)

5 years of service
Boen, Susan J., Library


Miller, Jean V., 14 years, Telecommunications Services
Shellkopf, Grace M., 23 years, Central Purchasing

25 years of service
Dempsey, Ronald W., Management Information Systems
Malin, Charles H., Security Services

15 years of service
Jenkins, Sandra L., WORKlife Programs
Wisniewski, James S., Plant Operations and Maintenance

10 years of service
Corazza, Jan M., Development Fund
Guthrie, Bernadette Parker, Budget Office
King, John R., Plant Operations and Maintenance
Lawrence, J. Diane, Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs
VanNorstrand, Lynn M., American Institute for Contemporary German Studies

5 years of service
Brooks, Rose Marie, Homewood Human Resources
Dowdy, William G., Security Services
Gordis, Hadassah, FASAP
Griffin, Elmo J. Jr., Security Services
Mayo, Alfred, Security Services
McBride, Sharon O., Homewood Human Resources
Sperlein, Tricia N., Security Services
Vice, Cerlisteen, Security Services
Welsh, James J., Security Services

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