Johns Hopkins Gazette: December 11, 1995

Deck the office halls ... but safely

     The Baltimore City Fire Code requires that decorations and
artificial trees be certified as flame retardant or flame
resistant. Most noncombustible decorations are labeled as such.

     Natural cut (live) trees are not permitted inside buildings
on campus. However, living trees with roots protected in an
earthen ball are permitted provided they are maintained in a
fresh condition and are not allowed to become dry. Balled trees
may be replanted.

     Trees or other such decorations should not be allowed to
obstruct exits, corridors or stairs.

     Only U-L listed interior and/or exterior lights and
associated wiring should be used. Electrical lights are
prohibited on metal trees due to shock and fire hazard.
Spotlights may be used to illuminate metal trees. Electrical
extension cords should be used in accordance with accepted safe
practices and must not be placed under carpets or in walking

     For further information, call the Office of Safety and
Environmental Health at (410)955-5918 or (410) 516-8798.

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