Johns Hopkins Gazette: December 11, 1995

Milestones: Retirements and Anniversaries

     Staff members who retired or celebrated a five-year
anniversary with the university last month are listed below.
Anyone with a question about the staff recognition program should
call the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs at (410)


25 years of service
     Oliver, Solomon, Athletic Center
     Poindexter, Donald, Athletic Center
     Possidente, Carol L., Academic Computing

20 years of service
     Artis, Angela Lee, Budget Office

15 years of service
     Bateman, Bobby B., Plant Operations & Maintenance
     Braun, Rita, German
     Smith, James Earl, Office of the Controller
10 years of service
     Cheeks, Sharon A., Administrative Computing
     Culpepper, Earl, Johns Hopkins Club
     Day, Patricia A., Human Resources
     MacSherry, Mary E., JHU Press
     Spence, Linda P., Office of the Dean/Arts & Sciences
     Wiggins, Leslie J., MSE Library 

5 years of service
     Donegan, Brendan P., Facilities Management
     Gallagher, Lisa M., Housing 
     Mayenschein, Corazon O., Accounts Payable
     Poon, Wai-Tat Peter, Mind/Brain Institute
     Struck, Joseph B., Security 

15 years of service
     Wenger, Jeanne A., Population Dynamics

10 years of service
     Meyer, Rita, Population Communication

5 years of service
     Easton, Dawn, Epidemiology 
     Perry, Elaine, Epidemiology 
     Russell, Joseph, Plant Managers Office 
     Zacharias, Johanna, Population Communication

40 years of service
     Severn, Evelyn, Medicine

25 years of service
     Axelman, Joyce, Pediatrics 
     Bocchini, Carol A., Admissions 

20 years of service
     Barker, Edward W., Jr., Laboratory Animal Medicine
     Braxton, Resa A., Residence Operations
     Downs, Barbara Ann, Urology
     VanDegaer, Koenraad M., Medicine

15 years of service
     Pinn, Beverly E., Neurology
     Tyransky, Linda, Ophthalmology 

10 years of service
     Ayres, Charles, Jr., Custodial Services
     Becker, Phillis, Surgery 
     Gallagher, Susan P., Office of the Dean
     Gilman, Betty Ann, OB-GYN
     Keruly, Jeanne C., Medicine
     King, Gabriele, Biomedical Engineering 
     Kraska, Edward W., Genome Database
     Mix, Lisa, Medical Institutions Archives
     Riser, Francine Helen, Dermatology
     Seay, Martha M., Physiology
     Smith, Hope O., Human Resources

5 years of service
     Andres, Sharon Kelley, Clinical Immunology
     Brawn, Jeffrey D., Surgery 
     Burke, Leslie Ellen, Pediatrics
     Cooper, Rachel L., Molecular Biology & Genetics 
     Daniel, Marie A., Medicine
     Davis, Charlene J., Physicians Billing Service
     Dykes-Hoberg, Margaret, Neurology
     Esposito, Dustin A., Facilities Management
     Green, Josephine M., Physicians Billing Service
     Grim, Melissa, Medicine
     Lasseter, Virginia K., Psychiatry
     Leonard, Vicki, Radiology 
     Mancini, Cheryl, Medicine
     Mayers, Helen M., Ophthalmology 
     Neuberger, Laura Ann, Surgery 
     Paradise-Brown, Stephanie, Neurosurgery
     Poling, Diane M., Psychiatry
     Prescott, Arlene M., Pathology
     Reavis, Linda Elaine, Medicine
     Rhine, William David, Maintenance
     Shanklin, Barbara, Ophthalmology 
     Wright, Mark, Psychiatry

15 years of service
     Coard, Kathleen Marie, Business Office

     Bartram, Robert M., 13 years, George Peabody Library

15 years of service
     Garside, Anne, Public Information Office


5 years of service
     Kern, Sheila, Student Services

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