Johns Hopkins Gazette: November 13, 1995

WJHU Radio Program Notes

     The Marc Steiner Show airs five days a week, from noon to 2
p.m., and features a different guest or topic in each hour.
Guests and topics are subject to change.

     Scheduled for this week:

Monday, Nov. 13
Noon--How will federal budget cuts affect Maryland?
1 p.m.--David Zinman, music director of the Baltimore Symphony

Tuesday, Nov. 14
Noon--Pandora's Box: Women in Ancient Greece.
1 p.m.--Robin Miller, Baltimore taxi driver and op-ed writer.

Wednesday, Nov. 15
1 p.m.--Stephen Hunter, film critic at the Baltimore Sun and
author of the just published Violent Screen.

Thursday, Nov. 16
Noon--David Simon, author of Homicide.
1 p.m.--TBA

Friday, Nov. 17
Noon--Congressman Robert Ehrlich.
1 p.m.--Local news roundup.

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