Johns Hopkins Gazette: November 27, 1995

For the Record:
University Policy on Alcohol-Related Advertising and Promotions

     Official university publications relating to academic
programs and offerings will not solicit or accept advertising for
alcoholic beverages.

     Advertisements for alcoholic beverages may be accepted for
non-academic university publications with primary readerships of
persons over the legal drinking age. The editors of such
publications will reject advertisements which in their judgment
encourage excessive use of alcoholic beverages.

     The university does not regulate content or advertisements
in autonomous student-edited publications, such as student
newspapers, but encourages the editorship to make responsible
decisions regarding advertising for alcoholic beverages.

     University-sponsored activities or events which permit
consumption of alcoholic beverages are regulated by procedures
designed to prevent consumption by underage persons as well as to
discourage irresponsible consumption by others. 

     The university will not permit activities and events
designed solely or primarily to promote consumption of alcoholic
beverages and which can reasonably be expected to attract a
primarily underage audience.

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