Johns Hopkins Gazette: October 9, 1995

WJHU Radio Program Notes

     The Marc Steiner Show airs five days a week, from noon to 2
p.m., and features a different guest or topic in each hour.
Guests and topics are subject to change.

Scheduled for this week:

Monday, Oct. 9
Noon--Do animals think? A talk with biologist/ethologist Mark
1 p.m.--Lauren Schnapper of the University of Maryland discusses
breast cancer awareness.

Tuesday, Oct. 10
Noon--Baltimore City housing commissioner Daniel P. Henson III;
1 p.m.--Lucia St. Clair, author of Mary's Land, discusses
Colonial Maryland and Maryland history.

Wednesday, Oct. 11
Noon--Start of a new science series with Robert Harington of the
JHU Press;
1 p.m.--Barbara Kingsolver, author of High Tide in Tucson.

Thursday, Oct. 12
Noon--A preview of the "Million Man March";
1 p.m.--Original "Batman" artist Jerry Robinson and Mort Walker,
creator of "Beetle Bailey," talk about the 100th anniversary of
the comic strip.

Friday, Oct. 13
Noon--Battling AIDS, with Liza Solomon;
1 p.m.--Local news roundup.

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