Johns Hopkins Gazette: October 27, 1997

United Way:
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Each Other

"People in health care haven't seen themselves as needing to be involved in volunteer activities," says Cathy Sabatier, "because they already spend their time helping people."

Sabatier, director of the Institute for Johns Hopkins Nursing, wants to change those attitudes by encouraging her colleagues at Hopkins to contribute to the United Way. Doing her best to set an example, she serves on the board of the United Way of Central Maryland and is a volunteer and past chairman of the board of the American Heart Association--Maryland Affiliate.

"We're all engaged in helping other people in our daily jobs, but that doesn't relieve us of the obligation to give monetarily," she says. "One doesn't take the place of the other."

Sabatier believes that the patients who pass through the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions every day often need more than medical care. "Important social needs," she says, "can only be met through community effort. Without that mobilization, much of our health care work will only be wasted."

Last year, the Johns Hopkins Campaign raised over $646,000 for the United Way. This year, says Sabatier, the campaign's university-wide goal is $1.4 million. That may sound like a lot of money to come out of the pockets of Hopkins employees, but she notes that about $5.8 million flows from 19 United Way agencies to Johns Hopkins Medicine alone. This ranges from direct payments to support for shelters or clinics where nursing students work.

United Way funds are allocated by panels of volunteers who are familiar with community needs. If they wish, United Way contributors can designate a specific charity out of the 71 social service agencies or 46 other programs supported by the community charity. Designated gifts are allotted directly to the agency selected, which also receives its share of the pool of undesignated funds.
--Aaron Levin

The Johns Hopkins United Way Campaign has raised $1,149,252
77.2 percent of the combined goal of $1,489,000.

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