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B'More: A Common Freshman Experience

Hopkins in the Community

Community-based learning through your course

One unique feature of the B'More program is its ability to connect students to Baltimore through service. Many B'More classes will include an afternoon of course-related community work. Unlike simple volunteerism, the B'More program offers students the chance to apply the knowledge learned in class to a related service opportunity. This model of community-based learning can strengthen neighborhoods and community nonprofits while bringing “real world” experience to the concepts taught in class.



“Opening in February 2002, it is the mission of the Community Center at St. Frances Academy to distinguish itself as a forward thinking, challenging, embracing and holistic place of service. The Community Center... stands for the responsibility and privilege to educate, edify, empower and entertain…neighbors of every race, religion and economic background.” The Center stands in the shadows of the Baltimore City Corrections Center, in a community reeling from a 30% unemployment rate.

How B'More Students Contributed

Volunteers served up a lunch for attendees and their families, provided day-care, and assisted in resume-writing. Last year, B’More participants videotaped mock interviews with unemployed community persons, so that they could better understand how they performed in an interview situation.

The Newton H. White, Jr. Athletic Center Community Day

The first gymnasium on campus was constructed in 1934. Between 1963 and 1965, the facilities were expanded and renamed the Newton H. White Jr. Athletic Center in honor of Captain Newton H. White, whose widow made a large donation to the University for that purpose. Captain White came from a humble background. He was educated in a one-room schoolhouse in Tennessee. He believed that it was his duty to help low income youth, and he did so by establishing the Newton H. White scholarships to reach out to poor families whose children wanted to attend Hopkins. Today, in this spirit of community responsibility and generosity begun by Captain White, the Athletic Center will open its doors to area youth for a fun day of sports, food, and fun.

How B'More Students Contributed

The Athletic Center hosted middle school students for an afternoon of soccer, lacrosse, basketball and othe team sports clinics.

Outreach to the Remington Community

Remington is the community that is south west of the Homewood Campus, right off of the 28th Street exit on I-83. Remington shared its early history with its better-known neighbor Hampden, growing up alongside the water-powered mills built along the Jones Falls. As the mills and other industries shut down, the community fell upon hard times. Over the past five years, Remington has begun to experience a renaissance. Young professionals, Hopkins students and faculty are drawn to one of the more reasonably priced neighborhoods in Baltimore city.

How B'More Students Contributed

B'More students helped to improve the community space by painting internal walls behind the Church of the Guardian Angel. Students also helped to build a woodworking shop adjacent to the church.

FutureCare Homewood

FutureCare Homewood is a senior housing community located close to the edge of campus. Residents enjoy access to various amenities and services designed for healthy and social living.

How B'More Students Contributed

Students helped senior residents with arts and crafts, and shared in a group intergenerational dialogue with residents who lived during the Civil Rights Era.

Working in Urban Schools

How B'More Students Contributed

Painting at the Guilford Elementary/Middle School

Guilford Elementary/Middle School is part of the Greater Homewood Community Corporations sponsored Community Schools Initiative. Community schools form a network of parents, school staff, and community agencies to provide holistic services for the school. Students painted a 1170 ft. hallway.

Painting at the Margaret Brent Elementary/Middle School

Margaret Brent Elementary/Middle School is part of the Greater Homewood Community Corporations sponsored Community Schools Initiative and is the closest school in that network to the JHU campus. JHU currently sponsors several student-run afterschool programs at the school (from dance to orchestra to afterschool sports). Students painted various parts of the school.

Painting and Computer Lab Creation at the Academy for College and Career Exploration (ACCE)

ACCE is a college and career-focused public high school created by the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development and the Sar Levitan Center of The Johns Hopkins University, Institute for Policy Studies. In addition to providing touch up details to the library's previous paint jobs, and painting 2-3 classrooms, a small group of volunteers also helped set up a computer lab in the library.



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Hopkins student helping community children Hopkins freshmen at St. Frances Academy's job fair.

“We need to be aware of how much we take this school and our youth for granted, and how much more we need to work on in terms of civic responsibility.”


Hopkins students painting walls Hopkins freshmen at Guilford.