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Career Development


Please note this information is regarding 2016 offerings. Information regarding 2018 courses will be posted as soon as courses are finalized.



and meet the people who have made names for themselves in the field. One credit courses in Career Development connect you to the ideas and the people that are making news in Development/Policy, PR/Media, Public Health, and Finance. The courses are a unique blend of academic analysis and field study, involving trips to New York City and/or Washington D.C.

Co-sponsoring the Career Development courses with the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and the Whiting School of Engineering are the Development Offices of the Krieger and the Whiting Schools, the Second Decade Society, and the Career Center. The Career Development courses/trips are designed to provide you with an intensive in-class experience followed by a trip allowing you to explore the career field of choice up close.


Students must submit an online application form, resume and other documentation for each trip separately.

Information and online applications for the following classes offered through the Career Center can be found on Handshake.

  • Seminar in Financial Literacy
  • Media & P.R. in the Big Apple
  • Perspectives on Globalization

Applications for the JUMP courses can be found here.

  • JUMP: Intro to Medicine
  • JUMP: Pathways to Success


Students will receive prompt notification and further instructions from the Career Center Office via email. Students pay their deposit, submit the add/drop form, and sign a Trip Release Waiver Form at the Career Center, Garland Hall 3rd Floor. Registration for each course is handled by the Career Center.

Mandatory Trip Meeting

Students registered for all courses/trips must attend a mandatory trip meeting in the Career Center in early December. Accommodations are made for students, who are currently studying abroad. Following the trip meeting, the remaining balance of the trip fee will be due to the Career Center.

Additional Course Fee

There is a TBD program fee for Intersession 2018, which includes transportation to/from and lodging in New York City. Because of the nature of the trip and the tight scheduling of itinerary visits, we expect you to stay with the group in NYC. No refund will be made for students who choose to travel on their own before or after the trip. For the Public Health trip, the $150 program fee covers the cost of transportation.


Where do we stay when in NYC?

In the past, we have stayed at The Lucerne Hotel New York (, 201 West 79th Street. Arrangements will be made for the entire group by the Career Center.

Will I have to share a room?

Yes, you will have to share a room with one other person from the class. You will have the opportunity to request a same sex roommate.

What meals are covered?

Traditionally, we ask hosts to sponsor meals for our group, but this varies by each trip. All meals, not scheduled with a host, are on your own.

What do I need to bring?

A picture ID is critical for entry into most sites.
In addition, you will want to bring the following:

  • Toiletries: Deodorant and breath mints - "the days are long."
  • Bring a nice notebook/portfolio, such as Hopkins leather.
  • Bring about $50 or more in cash and a credit card for meals and emergencies

What is the attire?

Business professional attire is required unless otherwise stated.

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“The courses are a unique blend of academic analysis and field study…”