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The Knowledge for the World campaign began July 1, 2000, and ended December 31, 2008, with total commitments of $3.7 billion. Follow the links below to learn about the impact of philanthropy and about how gifts from a quarter million alumni and friends are helping make Johns Hopkins one of the most powerful engines for positive change on the planet.

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Alumni News

Investing in Discovery, Teaching, Innovation, and Our Future
Campaign by the Numbers
Support for Research: $1.27 billion | for initiatives from malaria to nanobiotechnology
Support for Faculty: $236.7 million | 95 faculty chairs
Shelf Life
Support for Students: $301 million | 550 scholarships and graduate fellowships
Support for Programs: $1.01 billion | for academic, clinical, and policy efforts
In the News...
Support for Facilities: $680.4 million | 24 buildings constructed or renovated
Alumni Notes & Awards
April 2009 Alumni Notes
Heritage Award
Distinguished Alumni Awards
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